Meus est natalis – gratias FB!

One of my birthday cards…

Another year passes and we are another year older… another year we hope, closer to holiness and eventually heaven… oremus pro invicem!

Whilst the pro’s and con’s of social websites such as Facebook are hotly debated, it has to be said that on one’s birthday, logging in to discover a barrage of birthday greetings is a very welcome surprise! To have received over 250 birthday greetings from friends and acquaintances from all over the world who took the time to think, type and post a greeting or even a picture… I was quite overwhelmed! Thank you all for your wishes and even prayers and Mass intentions, it actually made the day really quite special. Though I have employed the internet generally as a tool for ministry, it is nice to be reminded how genuinely social it – and users of it – can be! Be assured of my gratitude and prayers for you all! Gratias!

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