Tértio Idus Mártii. Luna.


Tértio Idus Mártii. Luna. The Thirteenth Day of March. The Night of the Moon. 

Córdubæ in Hispánia, sanctórum Mártyrum Ruderíci Presbyteri, et Salomónis. At Cordova in Spain, the holy martyrs Roderick, priest, and Solomon.
Nicomedíæ natális sanctórum Mártyrum Macedónii, Patríciæ uxóris, et Modéstæ fíliæ. At Nicomedia, the birthday of the holy martyrs Macedonius, Patricia, his wife, and his daughter Modesta.
Nicǽæ, in Bithynia, sanctórum Mártyrum Theusétæ, ejúsque fílii Horris, Theodóræ, Nymphodóræ, Marci et Arábiæ; qui omnes pro Christo igni tráditi sunt. At Nicaea in Bithynia, the holy martyrs Theusetas and Horres, his son; Theodore, Nymphodora, Mark, and Arabia, who were all burned to death for Christ.

Hermópoli, in Ægypto, sancti Sabíni Mártyris, qui multa passus, tandem, projéctus in flumen, martyrium consummávit. At Hermopolis in Egypt, the martyr St. Sabinus, who suffered many torments, and at last completed his martyrdom by being cast into a river.

In Pérside sanctæ Christínæ, Vírginis et Mártyris. In Persia, St. Christina, virgin and martyr.

Apud Camerínum sancti Ansovíni, Epíscopi et Confessóris. At Camerino, St. Ansovinus, bishop and confessor.

In Thebáide deposítio sanctæ Euphrásiæ Vírginis. In Thebais, the death of St. Euphrasia, virgin.

Constantinópoli Translátio sancti Nicéphori, Epíscopi ejúsdem urbis et Confessóris; cujus corpus e Proconnéso, Propóntidis ínsula, ubi ipse quarto Nonas Júnii ob sanctárum Imáginum cultum exsul obíerat, Constantinópolim relátum est, atque a sancto illíus civitátis Epíscopo Methódio honorífice in templo sanctórum Apostolórum sepúltum, hac ipsa recurrénte die, in qua olim idem Nicéphorus in exsílium fúerat deportátus. At Constantinople, the transferral of the body of St. Nicephorus, bishop of that city, and confessor. The body was returned from the island of Propontis in the Proconnesus, where his death occurred on the 5th of June while in exile for his reverence of sacred images. He was buried with honour by Bishop Methodius in the Church of the Holy Apostles on this the anniversary day of his exile.

Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum.
R.  Deo grátias.
And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R.  Thanks be to God.

March XIII.
St. Nicephorus, Patriarch of Constantinople, Confessor
St. Euphrasia, Virgin
St. Theophanes, Abbot and Confessor
St. Kennocha, Virgin in Scotland
St. Gerald, Bishop
St. Mochoemoc, in Latin, Pulcherius, Abbot

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