Décimo Kaléndas Aprílis. Luna.


Décimo Kaléndas Aprílis. Luna. The Twenty-Third Day of March. The Night of the Moon. 

In Africa sanctórum Mártyrum Victoriáni, Procónsulis Cartháginis, et duórum germanórum, Aquisregénsium; item Fruméntii et altérius Fruméntii, mercatórum. Hi omnes, in persecutióne Wandálica (ut scribit Victor, Africánus Epíscopus), sub Ariáno Rege Hunneríco, pro constántia cathólicæ confessiónis, immaníssimis supplíciis cruciáti, egrégie coronáti sunt. In Africa, the holy martyrs Victorian, proconsul of Carthage, and two brothers from Aquaregia. Also two merchants, both named Frementius, who (as Bishop Victor Africanus relates) were subjected to the most atrocious torments for their courageous confession of the Catholic faith, and who were gloriously crowned martyrs under the Arian king Hunneric, during the persecution of the Vandals.
Item in Africa sancti Fidélis Mártyris. Also in Africa, St. Fidelis, martyr.
Ibídem sancti Felícis et aliórum vigínti Mártyrum. In the same place, St. Felix and twenty other martyrs.
Cæsaréæ, in Palæstína, sanctórum Mártyrum Nicónis et aliórum nonagínta novem. At Caesarea in Palestine, the holy martyrs Nicon and ninety-nine others.
Item corónæ sanctórum Mártyrum Domítii, Pelágiæ, Aquilæ, Epárchii et Theodósiæ. Likewise, the crowning of the holy martyrs Domitius, Pelagia, Aquila, Eparchius, and Theodosia.

Limæ, in Perúvia, sancti Turíbii Epíscopi, cujus virtúte fides et disciplína ecclesiástica per Amerícam diffúsæ sunt. At Lima in Peru, Archbishop St. Turibius, through whose labours both faith and ecclesiastical discipline were spread through America.
Antiochíæ sancti Theodúli Presbyteri. At Antioch, the priest St. Theodulus.

Barcinóne, in Hispánia, sancti Joséphi Oriol Presbyteri, Ecclésiæ sanctæ Maríæ Regum Beneficiárii, omnígena virtúte ac præsértim córporis afflictatióne, paupertátis cultu atque in egénos et infírmos caritáte célebris; quem, in vita et post mortem miráculis gloriósum, Pius Papa Décimus in Sanctórum númerum recénsuit. At Barcelona in Spain, the priest St. Joseph Oriol, pastor of the church of St. Mary of the Kings, famous for every virtue, especially mortification of the body, his rule of poverty, and his love towards the poor and the sick. Because he was known for his miracles both in life and after death, Pope Pius X placed his name in the number of the saints.
Cæsaréæ sancti Juliáni Confessóris. At Caesarea, St. Julian, confessor.
In Campánia sancti Benedícti Mónachi, qui, a Gothis in ardénti clíbano inclúsus, sequénti die invéntus est illæsus. In Campania, St. Benedict, monk, who was shut up in a burning furnace by the Goths, but who was found uninjured the next day.

Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum.
R.  Deo grátias.
And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R.  Thanks be to God.

March XXIII.
St. Alphonsus Turibius, Bishop and Confessor
SS. Victorian, Proconsul of Carthage, &c., Martyrs
St. Edelwald, Priest and Confessor

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