Quinto Idus Maji. Luna


Quinto Idus Maji. Luna. The Eleventh. The Night of the Moon. 

Romæ, via Salária, natális beáti Anthimi Presbyteri, qui, post virtútum et prædicatiónis insígnia, in persecutióne Diocletiáni, in Tíberim præcipitátus, et ab Angelo exínde eréptus, oratório próprio restitútus est; deínde, cápite punítus, victor migrávit ad cælos. At Rome, on the Salarian Way, the birthday of blessed Anthimus, priest, who, after having distinguished himself by his virtues and preaching, was cast into the Tiber during the persecution of Diocletian. He was rescued by an angel and restored to his oratory. Afterwards he was beheaded, and went victoriously to heaven.

Ibídem sancti Evéllii Mártyris, qui, cum esset de família Nerónis, ad passiónem sancti Torpétis in Christum crédidit, pro quo et decollátus est. In the same place, St. Evelius, martyr, who belonged to the household of Nero. By witnessing the martyrdom of St. Torpes, he also believed in Christ, and for him was beheaded.

Item Romæ sanctórum Mártyrum Máximi, Bassi et Fábii; qui sub Diocletiáno, via Salária, cæsi sunt. Also at Rome, on the Salarian Way, the holy martyrs Maximus, Bassus, and Fabius, who were put to death during the reign of Diocletian.

Auximi, in Picéno, sanctórum Mártyrum Sisínii Diáconi, Dioclétii et Floréntii, discipulórum sancti Anthimi Presbyteri; qui, sub Diocletiáno, lapídibus óbruti, martyrium complevérunt. At Osimo in Piceno, the holy martyrs Sisinius, a deacon, Diocletius and Florentius, disciples of the priest St. Anthimus, whose martyrdom was completed under Diocletian by their being stoned.

Cameríni sanctórum Mártyrum Anastásii et Sociórum; qui, in persecutióne Décii, sub Antíocho Prǽside, cæsi sunt. At Camerino, the holy martyrs Anastasius and his companions who were killed in the persecution of Decius, under the governor Antiochus.

Varénnis, in Gállia, sancti Gangúlfi Mártyris. At Varennes in France, St. Gangulphus, martyr.

Viénnæ, in Gállia, sancti Mamérti Epíscopi, qui, ob imminéntem cladem, solémnes ante Ascensiónem Dómini triduánas in ea urbe Litanías instítuit; quem ritum póstea universális Ecclésia recípiens comprobávit. At Vienne in France, St. Mamertus, bishop, who, to avert an impending calamity, instituted in that city the three days’ Litanies immediately before the Ascension of our Lord. This rite was afterwards received and approved by the universal Church.

Apud Silviníacum, in Gállia, deposítio sancti Majóli, Abbátis Cluniacénsis, cujus vita sanctis méritis fuit præclára. At Souvigny in France, the death of St. Maieul, abbot of Cluny, whose life was distinguished for merits and sanctity.

Neápoli, in Campánia, sancti Francísci de Hierónymo, in Tarentínæ diœcésis óppido Cryptaleárum orti, Sacerdótis e Societáte Jesu et Confessóris, exímiæ in salúte animárum procuránda caritátis et patiéntiæ viri; quem Gregórius Papa Décimus sextus in Sanctórum cánonem rétulit. At Naples in Campania, St. Francis of Jerome, priest of the Society of Jesus, and confessor. He was born in the town of Grottaglia, in the diocese of Taranto. Having been a man of great patience and zeal for the salvation of souls, he was canonized by Pope Gregory XVI.

Apud Septempedános, in Picéno, sancti Illumináti Confessóris. At San Severino in Piceno, St. Illuminatus, confessor.

Cálari, in Sardínia, sancti Ignátii a Lacóni, Confessóris, ex Ordine Minórum Capuccinórum, humilitáte, caritáte et miráculis præclári; quem Pius Papa Duodécimus Sanctórum honóribus decorávit. At Cagliari in Sardinia, St. Ignatius of Laconi, confessor, of the Minor Order of Capuchins, distinguished for his humility, charity and miracles. He was accorded the honour of canonization by Pope Pius XII.

Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum.
R.  Deo grátias.
And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R.  Thanks be to God.

May XI.
St. Mammertus, Archbishop of Vienne, Confessor
St. Maieul, Abbot of Cluni, Confessor

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