Séptimo Kaléndas Júnii. Luna


Séptimo Kaléndas Júnii. Luna . The Twenty-Sixth Day of May. The Night of the Moon. 

Romæ sancti Philíppi Nérii, Presbyteri et Confessóris, qui Congregatiónis Oratórii Fundátor fuit, ac virginitáte, prophetíæ dono, et miráculis éxstitit insígnis. At Rome, St. Philip Neri, priest and confessor, founder of the Congregation of the Oratory, celebrated for his virginal purity, the gift of prophecy, and miracles.

Item Romæ sancti Eleuthérii, Papæ et Mártyris, qui multos nóbiles Romanórum ad fidem Christi perdúxit, et sanctos Damiánum et Fugátium in Británniam misit, qui Lúcium Regem, cum uxóre ipsíus ac toto fere pópulo, baptizárunt. Also at Rome, St. Eleutherius, pope and martyr, who converted to the Christian faith many noble Romans. He sent Saints Damian and Fugatius to England, and they baptized King Lucius, his wife, and almost all his people.

Cantuáriæ, in Anglia, natális sancti Augustíni, Epíscopi et Confessóris; qui, una cum áliis, a beáto Gregório Papa missus, genti Anglórum sacrum Christi Evangélium prædicávit., ibíque, virtútibus et miráculis gloriósus, obdormívit in Dómino. Ejus tamen festívitas quinto Kaléndas Júnii recólitur. At Canterbury in England, St. Augustine, bishop, who was sent there with others by blessed Pope Gregory, and who preached the Gospel of Christ to the English nation. Celebrated for virtues and miracles, he went peacefully to his rest in the Lord. The 28th of May is observed as his feast.

Athénis item natális beáti Quadráti, Apostolórum discípuli, qui, in persecutióne Hadriáni, fide et indústria sua cóngregans Ecclésiam grándi terróre dispérsam, librum pro Christiánæ religiónis defensióne, valde útilem et Apostólica doctrína dignum, eídem Imperatóri porréxit. At Athens, during the persecution of Hadrian, the birthday of blessed Quadratus, a disciple of the apostles, who collected by his zealous work the faithful who had dispersed through terror, and presented to the emperor a book which was an excellent apology of the Christian religion, worthy of an apostle.

Romæ sanctórum Mártyrum Simítrii Presbyteri, et aliórum vigínti duórum; qui sub Antoníno Pio passi sunt. At Rome, the holy martyrs Simitrius, priest, and twenty-two others who suffered under Antoninus Pius.

In Africa sancti Quadráti Mártyris, in cujus solemnitáte sanctus Augustínus sermónem hábuit. In Africa, St. Quadratus, martyr, on whose feast day St. Augustine preached a sermon.

Tudérti, in Umbria, natális sanctórum Mártyrum Felicíssimi, Heráclii et Paulíni. At Todi in Umbria, the birthday of the holy martyrs Felicissimus, Heraclius, and Paulinus.

In território Antisiodorénsi pássio sancti Prisci Mártyris, qui, cum ingénti multitúdine fidélium Christi, cápite cæsus est. In the territory of Auxerre, the passion of St. Priscus, martyr, along with a great multitude of other Christians.

In civitáte Quiténsi, Æquatoriánæ Ditiónis, sanctæ Maríæ Annæ a Jesu de Parédes Vírginis, e tértio Ordine sancti Francísci, austeritáte et in próximum caritáte præcláræ, quam Pius Papa Duodécimus sanctárum Vírginum catálogo adnumerávit. In the city of Quito in Ecuador, St. María Ana de Jesù de Paredes, a third order Franciscan, well known for her austerity and charity towards her neighbour. Pope Pius XII numbered her in the book of Virgins.

Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum.
R.  Deo grátias.
And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R.  Thanks be to God

St. Philip Neri, Confessor
St. Augustine, Apostle of the English, Bishop and Confessor
St. Eleutherius, Pope and Martyr
St. Quadratus, Bishop of Athens, Confessor
St. Oduvald, Abbot and Confessor

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