Décimo Kaléndas Decémbris. Luna


Décimo Kaléndas Decémbris. Luna . The Twenty-Second Day of November.  The Night of the Moon. 

Sanctæ Cæcíliæ, Vírginis et Mártyris, quæ ad cæléstem Sponsum, próprio sánguine purpuráta, transívit sextodécimo Kaléndas Octóbris.
St. Cecilia, virgin and martyr, who on the 16th of September, purpled with her own blood, departed to her heavenly Spouse.

Colóssis, in Phrygia, sanctórum Philémonis et Apphíæ, sancti Pauli discipulórum; qui, sub Neróne Imperatóre, cum Gentíles, in die festo Diánæ, invasíssent Ecclésiam, ambo céteris fugiéntibus, tenti, jussu Artoclis Præsidis verbéribus cæsi sunt, et, usque ad renes in fóveam inclúsi, lapídibus opprimúntur.
At Colossae in Phrygia, during the reign of Nero, Saints Philemon and Apphia, disciples of St. Paul.  When the heathen rushed into the church on the feast of Diana, they were arrested and the rest of the Christians fled.  By command of the governor Artocles they were scourged, enclosed up to their waists in a pit, then overwhelmed with stones.

Romæ sancti Mauri Mártyris, qui, cum ex Africa venísset ad sepúlcra Apostolórum, sub Imperatóre Numeriáno et Urbis Præfécto Celeríno agonizávit.
At Rome, St. Maurus, martyr.  He came from Africa to visit the tombs of the apostles, and suffered martyrdom there under Celerinus, prefect of the city in the reign of Emperor Numerian.

Antiochíæ Pisídiæ pássio sanctórum Marci et Stéphani, sub Diocletiáno Imperatóre.
At Antioch in Pisidia, the martyrdom of the Saints Mark and Stephen, under Emperor Diocletian.

Augustodúni sancti Pragmátii, Epíscopi et Confessóris.
At Autun, St. Pragmatius, bishop and confessor.

Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum.
R.  Deo grátias.
And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R.  Thanks be to God.

November XXII.
St. Cecily, Virgin and Martyr
St. Theodorus the Studite, Abbot
SS. Philemon and Appia


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