Décimo séptimo Kaléndas Júnii. Luna.


Décimo séptimo Kaléndas Júnii. Luna. The Sixteenth Day of May. The Night of the Moon.

Eugúbii sancti Ubáldi, Epíscopi et Confessóris, miráculis clari. At Gubbio, St. Ubaldus, bishop and confessor renowned for his miracles.
Antisiodóri pássio sancti Peregríni, qui fuit primus ejúsdem civitátis Epíscopus.  Hic, a beáto Xysto Papa Secúndo in Gállias, una cum áliis Cléricis, missus, ibi, Evangélicæ prædicatiónis múnere expléto, capitáli senténtia damnátus corónam méruit sempitérnam. At Auxerre, the passion of St. Peregrinus, first bishop of that city.  He was sent into France with other clerics by the blessed Pope Sixtus II, and having accomplished his work of preaching the Gospel, he was condemned to capital punishment, and merited for himself an everlasting crown.
In Pérside sanctórum Mártyrum Audæ Epíscopi, septem Presbyterórum, novem Diaconórum, et septem Vírginum; qui sub Isdegérde Rege, variis tormentórum genéribus cruciáti, gloriósum martyrium complevérunt. In Persia, the holy martyrs Audas, a bishop, seven priests, nine deacons and seven virgins, who endured various kins of torments under King Isdegerdes, and thus gloriously completed their martyrdom.
Pragæ, in Bohémia, sancti Joánnis Nepomucéni, Metropolitánæ Ecclésiæ Canónici; qui, frustra tentátus ut sigílli sacramentális fidem próderet, martyrii palmam, in flumen Moldávam dejéctus, eméruit. At Prague in Bohemia, St. John Nepomucene, a canon of the cathedral church, who, being tempted in vain to betray the secret of confession, was cast into the River Moldau, and thus won the palm of martyrdom.
In Isáuria natális sanctórum Mártyrum Aquilíni et Victoriáni. In Isauria, the birthday of the holy martyrs Aquilinus and Victorian.
Uzali, in Africa, sanctórum Mártyrum Felícis et Gennádii. At Uzalis in Africa, the holy martyrs Felix and Gennadius.
In Palæstína pássio sanctórum Monachórum, a Saracénis in laura sancti Sabbæ interfectórum. In Palestine, the martyrdom of the holy monks massacred by the Saracens in the monastery of St. Sabbas.
Janóviæ, apud Pinsk, in Polésia, sancti Andréæ Bobóla, Sacerdótis e Societáte Jesu, qui, a schismáticis innumerabília tormentórum génera perpéssus, illústri martyrio coronátus est. At Janow, near Pinsk in Lithuania, St. Andrew Bobola, priest of the Society of Jesus, who having suffered many kinds of torments at the hands of the schismatics, was crowned with an illustrious martyrdom.
Ambiáni, in Gállia, sancti Honoráti Epíscopi. At Amiens in France, St. Honoratus, bishop.
Apud Cenómanos, in Gállia, sancti Dómnoli Epíscopi. At Le Mans in France, St. Domnolus, bishop.
Mirándulæ, in Æmília, sancti Possídii, Calaménsis in Numídia Epíscopi, qui fuit sancti Augustíni discípulus, ejúsque præcláram vitam scripsit. At Mirandola in Aemilia, St. Possidius, bishop of Calamae, and disciple of St. Augustine, of whose glorious life he wrote a history.
In monastério Enachduinénsi, in Hibérnia, tránsitus sancti Brendáni Presbyteri et Clonferténsis Abbátis. In the monastery of Enachduin in Ireland, the death of St. Brendan, abbot of Clonfert.
Trecis, in Gállia, sancti Fídoli Confessóris. At Treves in France, St. Fidolus, confessor.
Apud Forum Júlii, in Gállia, sanctæ Máximæ Vírginis, quæ, multis clara virtútibus, in pace quiévit. At Fréjus in France, St. Maxima, virgin, who died in peace with a reputation for many virtues.
Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum.
R.  Deo grátias.
And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
  Thanks be to God.
May XVI.
St. John Nepomucen, Martyr
St. Simon Stock, Confessor
St. Ubaldus, Bishop of Gubio
St. Honoratus, in French Honore, Bishop of Amiens, Confessor
St. Abdjesus, or Hebedjesus, Bishop and Martyr
St. Abdas, Bishop of Cascar
St. Brendan the Elder, Abbot in Ireland

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