Tertiodécimo Kaléndas Júnii. Luna.


Tertiodécimo Kaléndas Júnii. Luna. The Twentieth Day of May. The Night of the Moon.

Aquilæ, in Vestínis, sancti Bernardíni Senénsis, Sacerdótis ex Ordine Minórum et Confessóris, qui verbo et exémplo Itáliam illustrávit. At Aquila in Abruzzi, St. Bernardine of Siena, priest of the Order of Friars Minor, who added to the glory of Italy by his preaching and his example.
Romæ sanctæ Plautíllæ, féminæ Consuláris, quæ beatórum Mártyrum Flávii Cleméntis Cónsulis soror et Fláviæ Domitíllæ Vírginis mater éxstitit; atque, a sancto Petro Apóstolo baptizáta, ómnium virtútum laude refúlgens, quiévit in pace. At Rome, St. Plautilla, wife of a consul, sister of the consul Flavius Clemens, and mother of the holy virgin Flavia Domitilla, both martyrs.  She was baptized by the apostle St. Peter, and after giving an example of all the virtues, she rested in peace.
Item Romæ, via Salária, natális sanctæ Basíllæ Vírginis, quæ, cum esset ex régio génere, et illustríssimum sponsum habéret illúmque dimisísset, accusáta fuit ab eo quod esset Christiána, et mox decrétum est a Galliéno Augústo ut aut sponsum recíperet, aut gládio interíret; cumque ipsa Virgo, convénta de hoc, respondísset se Regem regum habére sponsum, gládio transverberáta est. Also at Rome, on the Salarian Way, the birthday of St. Basilla, virgin, who was of a royal family and betrothed to a nobleman.  When she refused to marry him, he accused her of being a Christian.  Emperor Gallienus gave orders that she should accept the person to whom she had been engaged, or die by the sword.  Being informed of this, and answering that she had for her spouse the King of kings, she was pierced with a sword.
Eglise Saint-Baudile, Nimes
Nemáusi, in Gálliis, sancti Baudélii Mártyris, qui comprehénsus est a Pagánis, et cum sacrificáre nollet idólis et in Christi fide inter vérbera  et torménta immóbilis persísteret, martyrii palmam pretiósa morte suscépit. At Nimes in France, St. Baudelius, martyr.  Being arrested, but refusing to sacrifice to idols, and remaining immovable in the faith of Christ, despite blows and tortures, he gained the palm of martyrdom by his praiseworthy death.
Edéssæ, apud Ægas, in Cilícia, sanctórum Mártyrum Thalelǽi, Astérii, Alexándri et Sociórum, qui sub Numeriáno Imperatóre passi sunt. At Edessa near Aegea in Cilicia, the holy martyrs Thalalaeus, Asterius, Alexander, and their companions, who suffered under Emperor Numerian.
In Thebáide sancti Aquilæ Mártyris, qui pectínibus pro Christo dilaniátus fuit. In Thebais, St. Aquila, martyr to the faith, whose body was torn with iron combs.
The Cathedral of Bourges
Apud Bitúrcias, in Aquitánia, sancti Austregísili, Epíscopi et Confessóris. At Bourges in France, St. Austregisil, bishop and confessor.
Bríxiæ sancti Anastásii Epíscopi. At Brescia, St. Anastasius, bishop.
Papíæ sancti Theodóri Epíscopi. At Pavia, St. Theodore, bishop.
Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum.
R.  Deo grátias.
And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
  Thanks be to God.
May XX.
St. Bernardin of Sienna, Confessor
St. Ethelbert, King of the East-Angles, Martyr
B. Yvo, Bishop of Chartres, Confessor

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