Tértio Idus Júnii. Luna


Tértio Idus Júnii. Luna. The Eleventh Day of June. The Night of the Moon. 

Salamínæ, in Cypro, natális sancti Bárnabæ Apóstoli, qui, natióne Cyprius, cum Paulo Géntium Apóstolus a discípulis ordinátus, multas regiónes cum eo peragrávit, injúnctum sibi opus Evangélicæ prædicatiónis exércens; postrémo, Cyprum proféctus, ibi Apostolátum suum glorióso martyrio decorávit. Ejus corpus, témpore Zenónis Imperatóris, ipso Bárnaba revelánte, repértum est, una cum códice Evangélii sancti Matthǽi, ejúsdem Bárnabæ manu descrípto. At Salamina in Cyprus, the birthday of the apostle St. Barnabas, a native of that place. He was ordained by the disciples as Apostle of the Gentiles with St. Paul, and travelled with him over many regions, exercising the function committed unto him of preaching the Gospel. At last he went back to Cyprus, where he ennobled his apostolate by a glorious martyrdom. His body was found by his own revelation, in the time of Emperor Zeno, together with a copy of St. Matthew’s Gospel written with his own hand.

Salmánticæ, in Hispánia, item natális sancti Joánnis a sancto Facúndo, ex Eremitárum sancti Augustíni Ordine, Confessóris; qui fídei zelo, sanctimónia vitæ ac miráculis cláruit. Ipsíus autem festívitas sequénti die celebrátur. At Salamanca in Spain, St. John of St. Facundus, a confessor of the Order of the Hermits of St. Augustine, renowned for his zeal for the faith, for holiness of life, and for miracles. His feast is celebrated on the day following.

Aquiléjæ pássio sanctórum Felícis et Fortunáti fratrum, qui, in persecutióne Diocletiáni et Maximiáni, equúleo suspénsi, atque, ardéntibus lampádibus circa eórum látera appósitis et mox divína virtúte exstínctis, per ventrem fervénti óleo sunt perfúsi; et ad últimum, cum in Christi confessióne persísterent, gloriósi certáminis cursum, obtruncáti cápite, implevérunt. At Aquileia, the martyrdom of the Saints Felix and Fortunatus, brothers. In the persecution of Diocletian and Maximian, they were placed on the rack, and had flaming torches held against their sides. These were extinguished by the power of God, and boiling oil was poured over them. As they persevered in confessing Christ, they were beheaded.

Bremæ natális sancti Rembérti, Hamburgénsis ac Breménsis Epíscopi. At Bremen, the birthday of St. Rembert, bishop of Hamburg and Bremen.

Tarvísii sancti Parísii, civis Bononiénsis, Confessóris et Mónachi, ex Ordine Camaldulénsi. At Treviso, St. Parisius, a citizen of Bologna, confessor and monk of the Camaldolese Order.

Romæ Translátio sancti Gregórii Nazianzéni, Epíscopi, Confessóris atque Ecclésiæ Doctóris; cujus sacrum corpus, e Constantinópoli ántea delátum ad Urbem, atque in Ecclésia sanctæ Dei Genitrícis ad Campum Mártium diu asservátum, Gregórius Décimus tértius, Póntifex Máximus, in Capéllum, a se in Basílica sancti Petri magnificentíssime exornátum, summa celebritáte tránstulit, ac postrídie digno honóre sub altári cóndidit. At Rome, the translation of St. Gregory Nazianzen, whose revered body was brought from Constantinople to Rome, and kept for a long time in the Church of the Mother of God. It was then transferred with great solemnity by Pope Gregory XIII to a chapel of the basilica of St. Peter, magnificently decorated by His Holiness, and the next day placed with due honour beneath the altar.

Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum.
R.  Deo grátias.
And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R.  Thanks be to God

June XI.
St. Barnabas, Apostle
St. Tochumra, Virgin in Ireland
Another St. Tochumra, Virgin in Ireland

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