Tertiodécimo Kaléndas Februárii. Luna.


Tertiodécimo Kaléndas Februárii.  Luna. The Twentieth Day of January. The Night of the Moon.

Romæ natális sancti Fabiáni, Papæ et Mártyris; qui, Décii témpore, martyrium passus est, atque in cœmetério Callísti sepúltus. At Rome, the birthday of St. Fabian, pope, who suffered martyrdom in the time of Decius, and was buried in the cemetery of Callistus. Item Romæ, ad Catacúmbas, sancti Sebastiáni Mártyris, qui, Diocletiáno Imperatóre, cum habéret principátum primæ cohórtis, jussus est, sub título christianitátis, ligári in médio campo, et sagittári a milítibus, atque ad últimum fústibus cædi, donec defíceret. Also at Rome, in the catacombs, the martyr St. Sebastian. He was commander of the first cohort under Emperor Diocletian, and for professing Christianity he was bound to a tree in the centre of a vast field, shot with arrows by the soldiers, and beaten with clubs until he expired. Nicǽæ, in Bithynia, sancti Neóphyti Mártyris, qui, quintumdécimum annum ætátis agens, flagris cæsus, in fornácem immíssus, feris objéctus, et, cum illæsus permanéret et Christi fidem constánter profiterétur, gládio tandem occísus est. At Nicea in Bithynia, St. Neophytus, martyr, who in the fifteenth year of his age, was scourged, cast into a furnace, and exposed to wild beasts. As he remained uninjured, and constantly confessed the faith of Christ, he was at last killed with the sword. Cæsénæ sancti Mauri Epíscopi, virtútibus et miráculis clari. At Cesena, St. Maur, bishop, renowned for virtues and miracles. In Palæstína natális sancti Euthymii Abbátis, qui zelo cathólicæ disciplínæ et virtúte miraculórum, témpore Marciáni Imperatóris, in Ecclésia flóruit. In Palestine, in the time of Emperor Marcian, the birthday of St. Euthymius, abbot, who flourished in the Church, full of zeal for Catholic discipline, and gifted with miracles.

Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum. And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins. R. Deo grátias. R. Thanks be to God.

Butler’s Lives of the Saints:
St. Fabian, Pope and Martyr
St. Sebastian, Martyr
St. Euthymius, Abbot
St. Fechin, Abbot in Ireland

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