Quinto Nonas Maji. Luna


Quinto Nonas Maji. Luna . The Third Day of May. The Night of the Moon. 

Hierosólymis Invéntio Sacrosánctæ Crucis Domínicæ, sub Constantíno Imperatóre. At Jerusalem, in the time of Emperor Constantine, the finding of the holy Cross of our Lord.

Romæ, via Nomentána, pássio sanctórum Mártyrum Alexándri Papæ Primi, Evéntii et Theodúli Presbyterórum. Ex his Alexánder, sub Hadriáno Príncipe et Aureliáno Júdice, post víncula, cárceres, equúleum, úngulas et ignes, punctis crebérrimis per tota membra confóssus ac perémptus est; Evéntius vero et Theodúlus, post longos cárceres, ígnibus examináti, ad últimum decolláti sunt. At Rome, on the Via Nomentana, the holy martyrs Pope Alexander and the priests Eventius and Theodulus. Alexander was bound, imprisoned, racked, lacerated with hooks, burned, and had all his limbs pierced with pointed instruments, and finally met death, under Emperor Hadrian and the judge Aurelian. Eventius and Theodulus after a long imprisonment were exposed to flames and then beheaded.

Nárniæ sancti Juvenáli, Epíscopi et Confessóris. At Narni, St. Juvenal, bishop and confessor.

Apud montem Senárium, in Etrúria, natális sanctórum Sostenǽi et Ugucciónis Confessórum, e septem Fundatóribus Ordinis Servórum beátæ Maríæ Vírginis; qui, cælitus admóniti, eádem die et hora, salutatiónem Angélicam recitántes, e vita migrárunt. Ipsórum autem ac Sociórum festum prídie Idus Februárii celebrátur. On Mount Senario in Etruria, Saints Sosteneo and Ugoccio, confessors, of the seven founders of the Order of Servites of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Responding to a voice from heaven, they departed this life on the same day and at the same hour, while reciting the angelical salutation. Their feast is observed with the rest of their companions on the 12th day of February.

Constantinópoli sanctórum Mártyrum Alexándri mílitis, et Antonínæ Vírginis. Hæc, in persecutióne Maximiáni, sub Prǽside Festo, ad lupánar damnáta, et ab Alexándro, qui pro ipsa ibi remánserat, mutátis véstibus clam edúcta, cum eo póstmodum jussa est torquéri; et ambo simul in ignem, præcísis mánibus, pro Christo sunt injécti, atque ita, egrégio perácto certámine, coronántur. At Constantinople, the holy martyrs Alexander, soldier, and Antonina, virgin. In the persecution of Maximian, under the governor Festus, Antonina, having been condemned to remain in a place of debauchery, was delivered by Alexander, who secretly exchanged garments with her, and took her place. They were tortured together, both had their hands cut off, were cast into the fire, and received their crowns at the end of their heroic combat for the faith.

In Thebáide sanctórum Mártyrum Timóthei et Mauræ cónjugis, quos Ariánus Præféctus, post multa torménta, cruci jussit affígi; in qua, per novem dies cum vivi pependíssent ac se ipsos in fide roborássent, martyrium consummárunt. In Thebais, the holy martyrs Timothy and his wife Maura. The Prefect Arian caused them to be tortured, and then fastened to crosses, on which they remained alive for nine days, encouraging each other to persevere in the faith, until they completed their martyrdom.

Aphrodísiæ, in Cária, sanctórum Mártyrum Diodóri et Rhodopiáni, qui, in persecutióne Diocletiáni Imperatóris, a cívibus suis lapidáti sunt. At Aphrodisia in Caria, the holy martyrs Diodorus and Rodopian, who were stoned to death by their fellow citizens, in the persecution of Diocletian.

Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum.
R.  Deo grátias.
And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R.  Thanks be to God.

May III.
The Invention or Discovery of the Holy Cross
St. Alexander, Pope and Martyr

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