Prídie Kaléndas Júlii. Luna


Prídie Kaléndas Júlii. Luna . The Thirtieth Day of June. The Night of the Moon. 

Commemorátio sancti Pauli Apóstoli. The commemoration of the holy apostle Paul.

Romæ sanctæ Lucínæ, Apostolórum discípulæ, quæ, de facultátibus suis commúnicans Sanctórum necessitátibus, Christiános in cárcere deténtos visitábat, ac sepultúræ Mártyrum inserviébat; juxta quos et ipsa, in crypta a se constrúcta, sepúlta est. At Rome, St. Lucina, a disciple of the apostles, who relieved the necessities of the saints with her goods, visited the Christians detained in prison, buried the martyrs, and was laid by their side in a crypt which she herself had constructed.

Item Romæ sanctæ Æmiliánæ Mártyris. In the same city, St. Aemiliana, martyr.

Ipso die sanctórum Mártyrum Caji Presbyteri, et Leónis Subdiáconi. The same day, the saints Caius, priest, and Leo, subdeacon.

Alexandríæ pássio sancti Basílidis, qui, sub Sevéro Imperatóre, cum sanctam Potamiœnam Vírginem, quam ad supplícium ducébat, ab impudicórum hóminum petulántia tutátus esset, religiósi offícii mercédem ab ea recépit; nam ipsa, post tríduum illi appárens et ejus cápiti corónam impónens, non tantum convértit eum ad Christum, sed étiam, brevi agóne certántem, suis précibus Mártyrem gloriósum effécit. At Alexandria, the passion of St. Basilides, under Emperor Severus. He protected the saintly virgin Potamioena from the insults of shameless men when he was leading her to execution. He was rewarded for his considerate action, for at the end of three days she appeared to him, placed a crown on his head, not only converting him to Christ, but by her prayers making him, after a short combat, a glorious martyr.

Lemóvicis, in Aquitánia, sancti Martiális Epíscopi, cum duóbus Presbyteris Alpiniáno et Austricliniáno; quorum vita signis miraculórum ádmodum effúlsit. At Limoges in France, St. Martial, bishop, and two priests Alpinian and Austriclinian, whose lives were distinguished for miracles.

In território Vivariénsi, in Gálliis, sancti Ostiáni, Presbyteri et Confessóris. In the territory of Vivers, St. Ostian, priest and confessor.

Salánicæ, in território Vicentíno, sancti Theobáldi, Presbyteri et Eremítæ, ex Campániæ Gállicæ Comítibus; quem Alexánder Papa Tértius, ob sanctitátis et miraculórum famam, Sanctórum cánoni adjúnxit. At Salanica, in the district of Vicenza, St. Theobald, priest and hermit, one of the counts of Champagne. He was added to the number of the saints by Alexander III because of his holiness and miracles.

Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum.
R.  Deo grátias.
And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R.  Thanks be to God

June XXX.
St. Paul, the Apostle
St. Martial, Bishop of Limoges

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