Conference “Tradition” IV: we ARE Tradition!

The fourth in this series of Conferences about “Tradition”. In this episode, Metropolitan Jerome explains that Old Roman Catholicism i.e. Western Orthodoxy is a part of the living Tradition of the Church. His Grace outlines again the origin of Old Roman Catholicism as a continuation of the ancient orthodox tradition of the Catholic and Apostolic faith developed in the Roman Catholic Church without the 19C introduced dogmas of the Immaculate Conception and Papal Infallibility. His Grace explains “the development of doctrine” from the orthodox understanding and the later 19C interpretation given by John, Cardinal Newman. He explains the relationship of Old Roman Catholicism with Orthodoxy and the return and development of a Western expression of Orthodoxy. Discussing some of the differences between the East and the West, he explains the process of canonisation and veneration of the Saints, particularly with regard to those post-schism and later.

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