Carissimi: Today’s Mass; SS Peter & Paul, Apostles & Martyrs

The Old Roman

SS Peter & Paul, Apostles & Martyrs;Commemoration of the Octave of theNativity of St John the Baptist:Missa “Nunc scio vere

Today’s Double of the First Class Feast has a Common Octave with two stations, the one at St. Peter’s, the other at St. Paul’s. On June 29 A.D. 67, St. Peter was crucified, head downward, by order of Nero, on a hill overlooking the Vatican. On the same day, St. Paul was beheaded outside one of the gates of Rome. The Romans celebrated this feast with splendour equal to, if not surpassing, that of Easter. There are two stations, the one at St. Peter’s, the other at St. Paul’s, but in both Masses the Collects are common to the two apostles indissolubly united in a single prayer. It is just because of this ancient feeling which is common not only to the Romans, but to all the Fathers, that the two…

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