Conference “Tradition” II: How is it lived?

The second in a new series of Conferences about “Tradition”. In this episode, Metropolitan Jerome explains the different ways in which holy Tradition is “living” in the summation and continuance of the “living stones” that have led to and make up the Church today i.e. the people. God reveals Himself continually in various ways to…

Conference “Catechism”: how do I discern God’s will for my life?

A NEW series exploring Vocational Discernment – how do we discern our vocation in life? How does God make His will known to us? These and other questions Metropolitan Jerome will explore in these live and recorded broadcasts from the Brighton Oratory every Saturday morning from 10am.

Conference “Tradition” I: What is the Church?

The first in a new series of Conferences about “Tradition”. In this introductory episode, Metropolitan Jerome explains the nature of the series and then explores the various attitudes and approaches to Tradition common in the Church today before explaining the integral constitutive relevance of Tradition to the very nature and our understanding of, the Church.

Conference “Heresies” VII: The Eucharist ii

Continuing the theme of Wednesday’s Conference on The Eucharist, Metropolitan Jerome answers the ancient suggestion of “cannibalism” concerning the Orthodox Catholic doctrine of Transubstantiation.

Conference “Heresies” VI: The Eucharist

On the eve of the feast of Corpus Christi, Metropolitan Jerome gave a conference on the Eucharist, touching briefly on heretical opinions, presenting then the Biblical and early Church justification for the Orthodox Catholic belief concerning the changing of the bread and wine into the Body, Blood, Soul & Divinity of Jesus Christ.

Conference: The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Conference during the Octave of Pentecost. Metropolitan Jerome describes, discusses and applies the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit as enumerated by the Messianic prophet, Isaiah (cf Isaiah 1:2-3) and St Thomas Aquinas’s “Summa Theologica” II.II (“Secunda Secundae“) to Christian life.