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  • Today’s Homily: St George the Great Martyr – Patron of England
    ReadingsLesson: 2 Timothy 2: 8-10; 3,10-12Gospel: St John 15:1-7 (218) Today’s Homily: St George the Great Martyr – YouTube
  • A Lenten catechism
    Recorded in 2020 a series of catechetical conferences given by His Grace Archbishop Lloyd on the meaning and observance of Lent. Lent… Why? Keeping Lent Sin and the Devil The effects of sin and how … Read more
  • Lumen Gentium VIII: What’s in a name?
    A repeat series of conferences by His Grace for Advent through to Candlemas exploring the Sunday liturgies, the themes, Scripture lessons, Propers and customs of the Traditional Latin Rite. Titled “Lumen gentium” (light to the nations) the series will continue after Advent into the New Year through Christmas and Epiphany to Candlemas.

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