My journey to the SSPX – with Bishop Vitus Huonder (The Great Wound | Part 1) – YouTube

In this first part of a new series of conferences with Bishop Vitus Hounder, emeritus bishop of Chur, he explains the circumstances of his investigation into the SSPX under the instruction of the CDF and the then prefect, Gerhard, Cardinal Müller begun in 2015. His Excellency presents his analysis of the crisis in the Church, stating firstly that the pontificate of Pope Francis is a clear rupture with that of the past, but that Pope Francis told him “the SSPX are not schismatics”. He then gives his perception of what caused the crisis in the Church today.

Bishop Hounder is a former diocesan bishop who when he retired in 2019, sought and gained the permission of Pope Francis to become resident with the SSPX in order to better and more closely fulfill his charge to investigate the Society.

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