In contrast to many Christian leaders, ✠Jerome “lives by faith” meaning that he does not receive a regular stipend/income from the Church nor is he “bi-vocational” i.e. he does not support himself with a secular occupation in addition to his ministry; the peripatetic nature of his apostolate and ministry prevents him effectively from doing so. The Archbishop lives out his “vocation by conviction” and as an Oratorian, realises the charism of his calling through voluntary observance and the spirit of the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity and obedience.


We invite you to support ✠Jerome with your prayers and intercession. The Archbishop leads a busy apostolate of ministry and travel, visiting territories and missions to support the clergy and faithful. As he fulfils a vocation to spread the love of Christ, let us join together in praying for his safety, health, and spiritual guidance. Let us offer our prayers for his success in visiting and enriching the faithful of the Church. May God bless him with the strength he needs to continue his mission. Furthermore, please pray for the Archbishop’s grace to continue in his work of encouraging the growth and mission of the Church. Offer prayers for his protection and well-being as he visits churches and missions around the world. May God continue to bless him with the strength and guidance to carry out his vocation and mission.

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We are excited to invite you to support the Archbishop’s apostolate. ✠Jerome’s apostolate is focused on bringing the message of the traditional Catholic faith to people around the world. This includes engaging in education and evangelization, offering spiritual and material assistance, and visiting people in need. It is a vocation that requires a great deal of travel and dedication, and one that requires the support of the Church. We invite you to be part of a movement that is helping to bring the perennial message of the Church to the people who need it most.

Your support helps to fund the Archbishop’s travels, allowing him to visit places that are often inaccessible or far away. It also provides resources for him to engage in spiritual and material assistance for those in need. It covers the costs of equipment to facilitate his conferences and teaching online. By supporting the Archbishop’s apostolate, you are playing a role in spreading the message of the Church and helping to build a better world. So please help to ensure that ✠Jerome can continue to bring the message of the Church to the people who need it most.


A contribution towards the costs and expenses of ✠Jerome’s episcopal ministry preserving and making known the Catholic Faith and supporting traditional Catholics around the world…



The Archbishop’s ministry is doing amazing work in the community, and positively impacting people’s lives. ✠Jerome’s ministry supports a wide range of services for the poor and homeless, from counseling and job training to visiting them in their homes. He’s also involved in outreach activities, such as providing food and clothing to those in need. The Archbishop works tirelessly for social cohesion through common cause, social action and combating divisive societal attitudes. The Archbishop’s ministry is making a real difference in people’s lives, and it’s something we hope you will be proud to support.

Every donation, no matter how small, helps to make a difference. And if you’re able to make a larger donation, it could even help the ministry expand its services and make a bigger impact. With your help, the Archbishop’s ministry can continue to do great work in the community, helping those in need and providing them with hope and support.


To help ✠Jerome in his ministry in the community, serving the homeless, building social cohesion and representing the Faith in the public sphere through social action and common cause…



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