Incardination Application (Ordained)

If you are an ordained cleric interested in becoming a member of the Old Roman apostolate, please complete all relevant sections of this form…


Passport holder(required)

Please send copies of your Photo ID (e.g. Passport, Driver’s License, National Identity Card)

Please send a recent passport style i.e. portrait photo of yourself that may be used by us for a Celebret/ID card



You should send copies of original certification for any and all sacraments received.


You should send copies of original certification for any and all qualifications attained.

Are you confident with liturgical Latin?(required)

Will you require assistance to become confident with liturgical Latin?(required)


With their knowledge/consent?(required)

May we contact them?(required)


Do you have an existing ministry?(required)


Have you had a recent Criminal background check?(required)

You should send a copy of your most recent Criminal background check, otherwise you should attain one from your Police authority or Government appointed agency and send it as soon as possible.

Do you have any criminal convictions?(required)

Do you have any canonical sanctions?(required)

You should send copies of any relevant paperwork pertaining to criminal convictions or canonical sanctions.

I declare that all the information given in this application form is to my knowledge true and correct:

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Note, should any information declared as true and correct in this application form be discovered later not to be so, your application may be rejected or any status granted you may be withdrawn and may incur criminal, civil or canonical censure.


We require the names and contact information for the following persons you nominate:

Referees will be required to complete an online form by invitation from us.