Apostolic Succession

“Let them produce the original records of their churches; let them unfold the roll of their bishops, running down in due succession from the beginning”.

Tertullian, De Praescriptione Haereticorum

The first Christians had no doubts about how to determine which was the true Church and which doctrines the true teachings of Christ. The test was simple: Just trace the apostolic succession of the claimants.

Apostolic succession is the line of bishops stretching back to the apostles. All over the world, all Catholic bishops are part of a lineage that goes back to the time of the apostles, something that is impossible in Protestant denominations (most of which do not even claim to have bishops).

The role of apostolic succession in preserving true doctrine is illustrated in the Bible. To make sure that the apostles’ teachings would be passed down after the deaths of the apostles, St Paul told St Timothy, “[W]hat you have heard from me before many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also” (2 Tim. 2:2). In this passage he refers to the first three generations of apostolic succession—his own generation, Timothy’s generation, and the generation Timothy will teach.

The Church Fathers, who were links in that chain of succession, regularly appealed to apostolic succession as a test for whether Catholics or heretics had correct doctrine. This form of the doctrine was first formulated by St. Irenaeus of Lyons in the second century, in response to certain Gnostics. These Gnostics claimed that Christ or the Apostles passed on some teachings secretly, or that there were some secret apostles, and that they (the Gnostics) were passing on these otherwise secret teachings. Irenaeus responded that the identity of the original Apostles was well known, as was the main content of their teaching and the identity of the Apostles’ successors. Therefore, anyone teaching something contrary to what was known to be apostolic teaching was not, in any sense, a successor to the Apostles or to Christ.

Thus the early Church historian J. N. D. Kelly, a Protestant, writes, “[W]here in practice was [the] apostolic testimony or tradition to be found? . . . The most obvious answer was that the apostles had committed it orally to the Church, where it had been handed down from generation to generation. . . . Unlike the alleged secret tradition of the Gnostics, it was entirely public and open, having been entrusted by the apostles to their successors, and by these in turn to those who followed them, and was visible in the Church for all who cared to look for it” (Early Christian Doctrines, 37).

Archbishop Lloyd’s episcopal lineage being derived from Cardinal Rebiba, is shared with 95% of Roman Catholic bishops alive today, including the episcopal lineage of the late Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and Pope Francis, and of the late Archbishop Lefebvre and the SSPX bishops, Bishop de Castro Mayer and Bishop Duarte Costa.

All of the episcopal consecrations below were conducted according to the Cæremoniale Episcoporum of the Pontificale Romanum extant prior to Vatican II. All of the consecrations listed were “notorious” i.e. publicly celebrated and recorded.

1541 March 16th ✠Scipione, Cardinal Rebiba. *
Episcopus titularis Amyclaeensis [Amyclae]
Patriarchi titularis Constantinopolitanus Latinorum
d.23 Jul 1577 Episcopus Cardinalis Sanctae Severinae
1566 March 12th ✠Giulio Antonio, Cardinal Santorio,
Archiepiscopus Sanctae Severinae [Santa Severina]
d.9 May 1602 Archiepiscopus emeritus Sanctae Severinae
1586 September 7th ✠Girolamo, Cardinal Berneri OP,
Episcopus Asculana in Piceno [Ascoli Piceno]
d.5 Aug 1611 Episcopus Cardinalis Portuensis-Sanctae Rufinae
1604 April 4th ✠Galeazzo Santivale,
Archiepiscopus Barensis-Bituntina [Bari-Bitonto]
d.8 Sep 1622 Archiepiscopus emeritus Barensis-Bituntina
1621 May 2nd ✠Ludovico, Cardinal Ludovisi,
Archiepiscopus Bononiensis [Bologna]
Camerlengo Camera Apostolica
d.18 Nov 1632 Archiepiscopus Bononiensis
1622 June 12th ✠Luigi Cardinal Caetani,
Patriarchi titularis Antiochenus Latinorum [Antioch]
d.15 Apr 1642 Archiepiscopus Capuana
1630 October 6th ✠Giovanni Battista Scannaroli,
Episcopus titularis Sidoniensis [Sidon]
d.10 Sep 1664 Episcopus titularis Sidoniensis
1665 October 24th ✠Antonio, Cardinal Barberini O.S.Io.Hieros,
Episcopus Cardinalis Tusculanus [Frascati]
Camerlengo Camera Apostolica
Episcopus Cardinalis Praenestinus
d.3 Aug 1671 Archiepiscopus Remensis
1668 November 12th ✠Charles Maurice Le Tellier,
Archiepiscopus titularis Nazianzensus [Nazianzus]
d.22 Feb 1710 Archiepiscopus Remensis
1670 September 21st ✠Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet,
Episcopus Condomiensis [Condom]
d.12 Apr 1704 Episcopus Meldensis
1693 October 24th ✠Jacques Goyon de Matignon,
Episcopus Condomiensis [Condom]
d.15 Mar 1727 Episcopus emertius Condomiensis
1719 February 12th ✠Dominique Marie Varlet, **
Episcopus titularis Ascalonitanus [Ascalon]
d.14 May 1742 Episcopus emeritus Bagdathensis Latinorum
1739 October 17th ✠Petrus Johannes Meindaarts,
Archiepiscopus titularis Ultraiectensis [Utrecht]
d.31 Oct 1767 Archiepiscopus titularis Ultraiectensis
1745 July 11th ✠Johannes van Stiphout,
Episcopus titularis Harlemensis [Haarlem]
d.16 Dec 1777 Episcopus titularis Harlemensis
1768 February 7th ✠Gualtherus Michael van Niewenhuisen,
Archiepiscopus titularis Ultraiectensis [Utrecht]
d.14 Apr 1797 Archiepiscopus titularis Ultraiectensis
1778 June 21st ✠Johannes Adrian Broekman,
Episcopus titularis Harlemensis [Haarlem]
d.28 Nov 1800 Episcopus titularis Harlemensis
1797 July 5th ✠Johannes Jacobus van Rhijn,
Archiepiscopus titularis Ultraiectensis [Utrecht]
d.24 Jun 1808 Archiepiscopus titularis Ultraiectensis
1805 November 7th ✠Gilbertus Cornelius de Jong,
Episcopus titularis Daventriensis [Deventer]
d.9 Jul 1824 Episcopus titularis Daventriensis
1814 April 24th ✠Willibrordus van Os,
Archiepiscopus titularis Ultraiectensis [Utrecht]
d.28 Feb 1825 Archiepiscopus titularis Ultraiectensis
1819 April 12th ✠Johannes Bon,
Episcopus titularis Harlemensis [Haarlem]
d.25 Jun1841 Episcopus titularis Harlemensis
1825 June 14th ✠Johannes van Santen,
Archiepiscopus titularis Ultraiectensis [Utrecht]
d.3 Jun 1858 Archiepiscopus titularis Ultraiectensis
1853 July 17th ✠Hermanus Heijkamp,
Episcopus titularis Daventriensis [Deventer]
d.28 Oct 1874 Episcopus titularis Daventriensis
1873 August 11th ✠Gaspard Johannes Rinkel,
Episcopus titularis Harlemensis [Haarlem]
d.2 May 1906 Episcopus titularis Harlemensis
1892 May 11th ✠Gerardus Gul,
Archiepiscopus titularis Ultraiectensis [Utrecht]
d.9 Feb 1920 Archiepiscopus titularis Ultraiectensis
1908 April 28th ✠Arnold Harris Mathew,
Episcopus titularis Londonensis [London]
d.19 Dec 1919 Archiepiscopus emeritus regionarius Britannia
1912 June 29th ✠Rudolphe de Landes Berges,
Episcopus regionarius Caledonia [Scotland]
d.17 Nov 1920 Ordo eremitarum Sancti Augustini, Villanova
1916 October 4th ✠Carmel Henry Carfora,
Archiepiscopus regionarius Chicagiensis [Chicago]
d.11 Jan 1958 Archiepiscopus regionarius Chicagiensis
1942 July 30th ✠Hubert Augustus Rogers,
Archiepiscopus regionarius Neo-Eboracensis [New York]
d.25 Aug 1976 Archiepiscopus emeritus regionarius Neo-Eboracensis
1969 September 21st ✠Edward Carlton Payne,
Archiepiscopus regionarius Nova Anglia [New England]
d.1991(tbc) Archiepiscopus emeritus regionarius Nova Anglia
1974 July 20th ✠Boniface [Darrell Wayne] Grosvold,
Episcopus regionarius Niagara Cadit [Niagara Falls]
d.21 Jul 2016 Archiepiscopus regionarius Canada
2012 May 5th ✠Jerome L H Lloyd OSJV,
Archiepiscopus titularis Seleisi [Selsey]
Archiepiscopus regionarius Europa
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Archbishop Lloyd is thirtieth in apostolic succession from Cardinal Rebiba, and seventh in apostolic succession from Archbishop Gul of Utrecht. He is the twenty-seventh de jure successor to St Wilfrid of the See of Selsey.

The public record of Archbishop Lloyd’s episcopal consecration is held in the Register of Services, entry dated May 5th 2012, of the Chapel of St. John the Evangelist, Huron University College, 1349 Western Road, London, Ontario N6G 1H3 Canada.

Consecrated to the Episcopate by ✠Jerome L H Lloyd OSJV
25.11.2012 ✠Martin Charlesworth, Episcopus titularis Dummoc-ceastre
Episcopus emeritus territorialis Haemus
25.11.2012 ✠Jonas Maria Röggla,
Episcopus titularis Brixinensis-Antiquitatis
14.10.2018 ✠Nioclas Kelly OSF, Episcopus titularis Movilla
Episcopus territorialis Chicagiensis
31.01.2020 ✠Rommel Banag, Episcopus titularis Nyssenus
Episcopus emeritus territorialis Philippinae
02.02.2020 ✠Joash Diaz Jaime, Episcopus titularis Alexandrinus Minor
Episcopus territorialis Philippinae

Ordained to the Presbyterate by ✠Jerome L H Lloyd OSJV
24.08.2012 Rt Revd Martin Charlesworth CSJV (sub con)
24.11.2012 Revd Mark Simon (Gabriel) Dunning OSJV (sub con)
21.09.2013 Revd Andrew Paul Scurr
21.09.2013 Dom Andrija Bonifacije Skulic OSB
07.10.2018 Fr Jamie Alaniz OSF
07.10.2018 Fr Thomas Gierke OSF
31.01.2020 Rt Revd Rommel Banag (sub con)
31.01.2020 Revd Juvanni (Cyril) A. Bernales (sub con)
31.01.2020 Revd Joash Diaz Jaime (sub con)
31.01.2020 Revd José Rodelon Portez (sub con)
24.09.2022 Revd Dr Adam Sýkora
24.09.2022 Revd Dr Robert William Keith Wilson

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