Décimo séptimo Kaléndas Octóbris


Décimo séptimo Kaléndas Octóbris. Luna . The Fifteenth Day of September. The Night of the Moon.

Octáva Nativitátis beátæ Maríæ Vírginis. The Octave of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Festum Septem Dolórum ejúsdem beatíssimæ Vírginis Maríæ. The feast of the Seven Sorrows of the same most Blessed Virgin Mary.

Romæ, via Nomentána, natális beáti Nicomédis, Presbyteri et Mártyris, qui, cum díceret compelléntibus se sacrificáre: « Ego non sacrífico nisi Deo omnipoténti, qui regnat in cælis », plumbátis diutíssime cæsus est, atque in eo torménto migrávit ad Dóminum. At Rome, on the Via Nomentana, the birthday of blessed Nicomedes, priest and martyr. Because he said to those who would compel him to sacrifice: “I offer sacrifice only to the omnipotent God who reigneth in heaven,” he was for a long time scourged with leaded whips, and thus passed to the Lord.

Córdubæ, in Hispánia, sanctórum Mártyrum Emilæ Diáconi, et Jeremíæ, qui, in persecutióne Arábica, post longam cárceris maceratiónem, demum, cervícibus pro Christo abscíssis, martyrium complevérunt. At Cordova in Spain, the holy martyrs Emilas, deacon, and Jeremias, who ended their martyrdom in the persecution of the Arabs by being beheaded after a long stay in prison.

In território Cabillonénsi sancti Valeriáni Mártyris, quem Priscus Præses, suspénsum et gravi ungulárum laceratióne cruciátum, tandem, cum in Christi confessióne vidéret immóbilem ac læto ánimo in ejus láudibus permanéntem, gládio animadvérti præcépit. In the diocese of Châlons, St. Valerian, martyr, who was suspended on high by the governor Priscus, and tortured with iron hooks. Remaining immovable in the confession of Christ, and continuing joyfully to praise him, he was struck with the sword by order of the same magistrate.

Hadrianópoli, in Thrácia, sanctórum Mártyrum Máximi, Theodóri et Asclepiódoti; qui sub Maximiáno Imperatóre coronáti sunt. At Adrianople in Thrace, the holy martyrs Maximus, Theodore, and Asclepiodotus, who were crowned under Emperor Maximian.

Item sancti Porphyrii mimi, qui, coram Juliáno Apóstata, per jocum suscípiens baptísmum, Dei virtúte derepénte mutátur, et Christiánum se esse profitétur; ac mox, ipsíus Imperatóris mandáto secúri percússus, martyrio coronátur. Also, St. Porphyrios the Mime, who was baptized in jest in the presence of Julian the Apostate, but was suddenly converted by the power of God and declared himself a Christian. By order of the emperor he was thereupon struck with an axe, and thus crowned with martyrdom.

Eódem die sancti Nicétæ Gothi, qui ab Athanaríco Rege, ob cathólicam fidem, jussus est igne combúri. On the same day, St. Nicetas, a Goth, who was burned alive for the Catholic faith by order of King Athanaric.

Marcianópoli, in Thrácia, sanctæ Melitínæ Mártyris, quæ, sub Antoníno Imperatóre et Antíocho Præside, cum ad Gentílium fana semel et íterum ducta esset, atque idóla semper corrúerent, ídeo suspénsa et laniáta est, ac demum cápite plexa. At Marcianapolis in Thrace, St. Melitina, a martyr, in the time of Emperor Antoninus and the governor Antiochus. She was twice led to the temples of the heathens, and since the idols fell to the ground each time, she was hanged and torn, and finally beheaded.

Tulli, in Gállia, sancti Apri Epíscopi. At Toul in France, St. Aper, bishop.

Item sancti Leobíni, Epíscopi Carnuténsis. Also, St. Leobinus, bishop of Chartres.

Lugdúni, in Gállia, sancti Albíni Epíscopi. At Lyons in France, St. Albinus, bishop.

Eódem die deposítio sancti Aichárdi Abbátis. On the same day, the death of St. Aichard, abbot.

In Gállia sanctæ Eutrópiæ Víduæ. In France, St. Eutropia, widow.

Génuæ sanctæ Catharínæ Víduæ, contémptu mundi et caritáte in Deum insígnis. In Genoa, St. Catherine, a widow, renowned for her contempt of the world and her love of God.

Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum.
R.  Deo grátias.
And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R.  Thanks be to God.

September XV.
St. Nicetas, Martyr
St. Nicomedes, Martyr
St. John the Dwarf, Anchoret of Sceté
St. Aicard, or Achart, Abbot and Confessor
St. Aper, or Evre, Bishop and Confessor

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