Séptimo Kaléndas Júlii. Luna


Séptimo Kaléndas Júlii. Luna . The Twenty-Fifth Day of June. The Night of the Moon. 

In território Guléti, prope Nuscum, sancti Guliélmi Confessóris, Patris Eremitárum Montis Vírginis. In the territory of Guletto near Nusco, St. William, confessor, founder of the hermits of Monte Vergine.

Apud Berœam natális sancti Sosípatris, qui fuit discípulus beáti Pauli Apóstoli. At Beraea, the birthday of St. Sosipater, disciple of the blessed apostle Paul.

Romæ sanctæ Lúciæ, Vírginis et Mártyris, cum áliis vigínti duóbus. At Rome, St. Lucy, virgin and martyr, with twenty-two others.

Alexandríæ sancti Gallicáni Mártyris, viri Consuláris, qui, sublimátus ínfulis triumphálibus et Constantíno Augústo carus, a sanctis Joánne et Paulo ad Christi fidem convérsus est; eáque suscépta, cum sancto Hilaríno secéssit ad Ostia Tiberína, atque ibi hospitalitáti et infirmórum servítio totum se dedit. Cujus rei fama in toto Orbe divulgáta, multi úndique illuc veniéntes vidébant virum ex Patrício et Cónsule laváre páuperum pedes, pónere mensam, aquam mánibus effúndere, languéntibus sollícite ministráre et cétera pietátis offícia exhibére. Ipse póstmodum, sub Juliána Apóstata, inde expúlsus, Alexandríam perréxit; ibíque, cum a Rauciáno Júdice sacrificáre cogerétur et contémneret, ideo, percússus gládio, Christi Martyr efféctus est. At Alexandria, St. Gallicanus, exconsul and martyr who had been honoured with a triumph, and was held in affection by the emperor Constantine. Converted by Saints John and Paul, he withdrew to Ostia with St. Hilarinus, and consecrated himself entirely to the duties of hospitality and to the service of the sick. The report of such an event spread throughout the whole world, and from all sides many people came to see a man who had been a senator and consul now washing the feet of the poor, preparing their table, serving them, carefully waiting on the infirm, and exercising other works of mercy. Driven from this place by Julian the Apostate, he repaired to Alexandria, where, for refusing to sacrifice to idols, at the command of the judge Raucian, he was put to the sword, and thus became a martyr of Christ.

Sibápoli, in Mesopotámia, sanctæ Febróniæ, Vírginis et Mártyris; quæ, in persecutióne Diocletiáni, sub Siléno Júdice, ob fidem et pudicítiam servándam, primo virgis cæsa et equúleo torta, deínde pectínibus laniáta atque igne succénsa, demum, excússis déntibus ac mammis pedibúsque abscíssis, cápitis damnáta, tot passiónum ornáta monílibus migrávit ad Sponsum. At Sibapolis in Syria, under the governor Silenus, in the persecution of Diocletian, St. Febronia, virgin and martyr. She was scourged and racked for defending her faith and her chastity, then torn with iron combs and exposed to fire. Finally her teeth were broken out, her breasts and feet cut away, and she was condemned to capital punishment, going to her Spouse adorned with sufferings as with so many jewels.

Apud Rhégium sancti Prósperi Aquitáni, ejúsdem urbis Epíscopi, eruditióne ac pietáte insígnis, qui advérsus Pelagiános, pro fide cathólica, strénue decertávit. At Reggio, St. Prosper of Aquitaine, bishop of that city, distinguished by his learning and piety. He valiantly combated the Pelagians in defence of the Catholic faith.

Tauríni natális sancti Máximi, Epíscopi et Confessóris, doctrína et sanctitáte celebérrimi. At Turin, the birthday of St. Maximus, bishop and confessor, most celebrated for his sanctity and scholarship.

In Hollándia sancti Adelbérti Confessóris, qui fuit discípulus sancti Willibrórdi Epíscopi. In Holland, St. Adalbert, confessor, disciple of St. Willibrord, bishop.

Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum.
R.  Deo grátias.
And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R.  Thanks be to God

June XXV.
St. Prosper of Aquitain, Confessor
St. Maximus, Bishop of Turin, Confessor
St. William of Monte-Vergine
St. Adelbert, Confessor
St. Moloc, Bishop and Confessor
SS. Agoard and Aglibert, Martyrs in the Diocess of Paris

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