Tértio Kaléndas Augústi


Tértio Kaléndas Augústi. Luna . The Thirtieth Day of Jul. The Night of the Moon. 

Romæ sanctórum Mártyrum Abdon et Sennen Persárum, qui, sub Décio, caténis alligáti et Romam addúcti, pro Christi fide prius plumbátis cæsi sunt, deínde gládio interfécti. At Rome, in the reign of Decius, the holy Persian martyrs Abdon and Sennen, who were bound with chains, brought to Rome, scourged with leaded whips for the faith of Christ, and then put to the sword.

Assísii, in Umbria, sancti Rufíni Mártyris. At Assisi in Umbria, St. Rufinus, martyr.

Tubúrbi Lucernáriæ, in Africa, pássio sanctárum Vírginum Máximæ, Donatíllæ et Secúndæ; quarum duæ primæ, in persecutióne Valeriáni et Galliéni, acéto et felle potátæ, deínde plagis acérrimis cæsæ et equúlei extensióne cruciátæ, cratículus étiam exústæ et calce perfricátæ, póstmodum cum Secúnda, Vírgine duódecim annórum, ad béstias simul projéctæ, sed ab his intáctæ, novíssime gládio jugulátæ sunt. At Tuberbum Lucernarium in Africa, the holy virgins and martyrs Maxima, Donatilla, and Secunda. The first two, in the persecution of Valerian and Gallienus, were forced to drink vinegar and gall, then scourged most severely, stretched on the rack, burned on the gridiron, rubbed over with lime, and afterwards exposed to the beasts with the virgin Secunda, twelve years old. But being untouched by them, they were finally beheaded.

Cæsaréæ, in Cappadócia, sanctæ Julíttæ Mártyris, quæ, cum bona sua, a quodam poténte sibi usurpáta, in judícia repéteret, atque ille exceptiónem daret quod ut Christiáno non debéret audíri, mox a Júdice jussa est thus idólis offérre, ut posset audíri. Quod illa constánter recúsans, in ignem conjécta est, sicque spíritum Deo réddidit; corpus autem a flamma remánsit illæsum. Ejus præclárus laudes sanctus Basilíus Magnus egrégio encómio celebrávit. At Caesarea in Cappadocia, St. Julitta, martyr. As she sought through the courts the restitution of goods seized by a man of influence, the latter objected that, being a Christian, her cause could not be pleaded. The judge commanded her to offer sacrifice to the idols, that she might be heard. She refused with great constancy, and being thrown into the fire, yielded her soul unto God. Her body remained uninjured by the flames. St. Basil the Great has proclaimed her praise in an excellent eulogy.

Antisiodóri sancti Ursi, Epíscopi et Confessóris. At Auxerre, St. Ursus, bishop and confessor.

Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum.
R.  Deo grátias.
And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R.  Thanks be to God

July XXX.
SS. Abdon and Sennen, Martyrs
St. Julitta, Martyr

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