Kaléndis Augústi. Luna


Kaléndis Augústi. Luna . The First Day of August. The Night of the Moon. 

Romæ, in Exquíliis, Dedicátio sancti Petri Apóstoli ad Víncula. At Rome, on the Esquiline, the Dedication of the Church of St. Peter in Chains.

Antiochíæ pássio sanctórum septem fratrum Machabæórum Mártyrum, qui, cum matre sua, passi sunt sub Antíocho Epíphane Rege. Eórum relíquiæ, Romam translátæ, in eádem Ecclésia sancti Petri ad Víncula cónditæ fuérunt. At Antioch, the martyrdom of the seven brothers, the holy Machabees, martyrs, and their mother, who suffered under King Antiochus Epiphanes. Their relics were transferred to Rome, and placed in the church or St. Peter in Chains.

Vercéllis natális sancti Eusébii, Epíscopi et Mártyris, qui, ob confessiónem fídei cathólicæ, a Constántio Príncipe Scythópolim, in Palæstína, et inde in Cappadóciam relegátus, póstmodum ad Ecclésiam suam revérsus, martyrium, persequéntibus Ariánis, passus est. Ipsíus autem memória étiam décimo octávo Kaléndas Januárii solémniter habétur, quo die fuit Epíscopus ordinátus; ejúsque festum recólitur décimo séptimo Kaléndas Januárii. At Vercelli, St. Eusebius, bishop and martyr, who, for the confession of the Catholic faith was banished to Scythopolis in Palestine, and thence to Cappadocia, by Emperor Constantine. Afterwards, returning to his church, he suffered martyrdom in the persecution of the Arians. His memory is more especially honoured on the 15th of December, when he was consecrated bishop, and his feast is kept on the 16th of December.

Nucériæ Paganórum, in Campánia, item natális sancti Alfónsi-Maríæ de Ligório, Fundatóris Congregatiónis a sanctíssimo Redemptóre nuncupátæ, Epíscopi sanctæ Agathæ Gothórum et Confessóris, zelo animárum, scriptis, verbo et exémplo insígnis; quem Summus Póntifex Gregórius Décimus sextus albo Sanctórum adscrípsit, et Pius Nonus Doctórem universális Ecclésiæ declarávit, et Pius Duodécimus ómnium Confessariórum ac Moralistárum cæléstem apud Deum Patrónum constítuit. Ipsíus vero festívitas sequénti die celebrátur. At Nocera dei Pagani in Campani, the birthday also of St. Alphonsus Maria Liguori, founder of the Congregation of our most Holy Redeemer, bishop of Santa Agata dei Goti, and confessor. Noted for his zeal for souls, his writings, and his example, Pope Gregory XVI added him to the canon of saints, and Pius IX declared him to be a doctor of the Universal Church. Pius XII established him as heavenly patron of all moral theologians and of those who hear Confession. His feast, however, is observed on the day following.

Romæ, via Latína, sanctórum Mártyrum Boni Presbyteri, Fausti et Mauri, cum áliis novem; qui in Actis sancti Stéphani Papæ describúntur. At Rome, on the Latin Way, the holy martyrs Bonus, a priest, Faustus and Maurus, with nine others, mentioned in the Acts of Pope St. Stephen.

Item Romæ pássio sanctárum Vírginum Fídei, Spei et Caritátis, e sancta Sophía matre progenitárum, quæ, sub Hadriáno Príncipe, martyrii corónam adéptæ sunt. Also at Rome, the holy virgins Faith, Hope, and Charity, children of St. Sophia, who won the crown of martyrdom under Emperor Hadrian.

Philadelphíæ, in Arábia, sanctórum Mártyrum Cyrílli, Aquilæ, Petri, Domitiáni, Rufi et Menándri, una die coronatórum. At Philadelphia in Arabia, the holy martyrs Cyril, Aquila, Peter, Domitian, Rufus, and Menander, crowned on the same day.

Perge, in Pamphylia, sanctórum Mártyrum Leóntii, Attii, Alexándri, et aliórum sex agricolárum; qui, in persecutióne Diocletiáni, sub Flaviáno Præside, decolláti sunt. At Perge in Pamphylia, the holy martyrs Leontius, Attius, Alexander, and six peasants, who were beheaded in the persecution of Diocletian, under the governor Flavian.

Gerúndæ, in Hispánia, natális sancti Felícis Mártyris, qui, post divérsa tormentórum génera, a Daciáno támdiu jussus est laniári, donec invíctum Christo spíritum rédderet. At Gerona in Spain, the birthday of the holy martyr Felix. After enduring various torments, by order of Dacian he was cut with knives until he gave his undaunted soul to Christ.

In território Parisiénsi sancti Justíni Mártyris. In the diocese of Paris, St. Justin, martyr.

Viénnæ, in Gállia, sancti Veri Epíscopi. At Vienne in France, St. Verus, bishop.

Wintóniæ, in Anglia, sancti Ethelwóldi Epíscopi. At Winchester in England, St. Ethelwold, bishop.

In pago Lisuíno, in Gállia, sancti Nemésii Confessóris. In the country of Lisieux, St. Nemesius, confessor.

Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum.
R.  Deo grátias.
And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R.  Thanks be to God

August I.
St. Peter ad Vincula, or St. Peter’s Chains
The Seven Machabees, Brothers, with Their Mother, Martyrs
SS. Faith, Hope, and Charity, Virgins and Martyrs
St. Ethelwold, Bishop of Winchester, Confessor
St. Pellegrini, or Peregrinus, Hermit

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