A message for the New Year 2019

As Primus of the Orthodox Old Roman Catholic Communion. ✠Jerome recorded the following message for the New Year 2019.

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The Orthodox Old Roman Catholic Communion consists of those historical, orthodox and canonical jurisdictions continuing the Western expression of the Catholic Faith perpetuated and preserved by the primitive See of Utrecht. Through the polity and efforts of Archbishop Arnold Harris Mathew, the Old Roman Catholic Western Orthodox Church was historically received and recognised by an agreed declaration of faith with the ancient and Eastern Orthodox Patriarchates of Antioch [in 1911] and Alexandria [in 1912]. Historical jurisdictions continuing in that faith and upon the legacy of Archbishop Mathew subsequently built upon by Archbishop Carmel Henry Carfora, constitute the foundation of the Communion in the 21C. The Orthodox Old Roman Catholic Communion has presence in North & South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

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