Renew & Revive Conferences

As Provost of the Brighton Oratory, Metropolitan Jerome has begun a series of weekly conferences about Christian Discipleship. The first three conferences given in Advent focused on Personal Holiness, exploring the nature of holiness and how to realise holiness – essentially recognising its divine attribute as an expression of divine charity i.e. sacrificial love and thus growing in holiness is achieved through living the divine law i.e. living in love and union with God and with each other.

Developing the theme of his New Year message for 2019, Metropolitan Jerome has begun a new series of conferences based around the second question of the old Penny Catechism, “Why did God make you?” believing the answer to this fundamental question is key to informing mission and evangelism. Only when Christians themselves understand why they exist can they explain to others that God created them as an expression of His love and that their lives have purpose and meaning in fulfilment of His will that they should “know Him, love Him, serve Him in this world and be happy with Him in the next.”

The conferences are broadcast live online via social media site, Facebook and viewers as well as those physically in attendance are encouraged to participate by commenting on the live feed in a Q&A session which concludes each conference. The evening is preceded by a time of fellowship over a Fish Supper in a nearby restaurant, following a time of quiet meditation before the Blessed Sacrament in a Holy Hour, also broadcast live via Facebook.

Conference I
Conference II
Conference III
New Year’s Message 2019
Conference IV

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