Conference “Catechism”: how do I discern God’s will for my life? (iv)

A NEW series exploring Vocational Discernment – how do we discern our vocation in life? How does God make His will known to us? These and other questions Metropolitan Jerome will explore in these live and recorded broadcasts from the Brighton Oratory every Saturday morning from 10am.

In this episode, Metropolitan Jerome continues discussing the fundamental principles necessary to discern God’s will for oneself in relation to God’s general will for all He has purposed to exist… Using the canticle of Our Lady, the “Magnificat” as a template for discernment, His Grace explains the difference between “prayer” and “meditation” or “contemplation” and the Christian purpose of each in contrast to the concept of contemporary “mindfulness” and “centering prayer”. With anecdotes, Metropolitan Jerome explained the “right” and “wrong” attitudes to vocational discernment, particularly the misconceptions that people often have with preconceived ideas of what they think is God’s will, as opposed to seeking His will. His Grace concluded by making reference to his earlier positing of “present moment, present time and future” stating that the “future” is unknowable, but that utilising “present time” to regard with hindsight past “present moments” we should be able to discern possible futures… but that what really matters is “the present moment” as that is real, tangible and pertinent to ourselves and God at all times!

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