Catechism Conference: “Discerning God’s will” VI; spiritual exercises (i) De Imitatio Christi

A NEW series exploring Vocational Discernment – how do we discern our vocation in life? How does God make His will known to us? These and other questions Metropolitan Jerome will explore in these live and recorded broadcasts from the Brighton Oratory every Saturday morning from 10am.

In this episode, Metropolitan Jerome continues discussing the fundamental principles necessary to discern God’s will for oneself in relation to God’s general will for all He has purposed to exist… His Grace begins by reiterating the importance and necessity of taking “time out” to properly discern God’s calling and purpose for one’s life. Continuing from the previous conference, His Grace then discusses “spiritual exercises” as a preparation for vocational discernment – not an end in themselves for discerning God’s will. Turning to the first and classic of the Devotio Moderna “spiritual exercises”, His Grace discusses “The Imitation of Christ” (De Imitatio Christi) by Thomas a Kempis…

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