Séptimo Idus Augústi


Séptimo Idus Augústi. Luna . The Seventh Day of August. The Night of the Moon. 

Neápoli, in Campánia, sancti Cajetáni Thienǽi Confessóris, Clericórum Regulárium Fundatóris, qui, singulári in Deum fidúcia, prístinam Apostólicam vivéndi formam suis coléndam trádidit, et, miráculis clarus, a Cleménte Papa Décimo inter Sanctos relátus est. At Naples in Campania, St. Cajetan the Theatine, confessor, founder of the Clerics Regular, who, through singular confidence in God, made his disciples practise the primitive mode of life of the apostles. Being renowned for miracles, he was ranked among the saints by Clement X.

Arétii, in Túscia, natális sancti Donáti, Epíscopi et Mártyris; qui, inter cétera virtútis ópera (ut scribit beátus Gregórius Papa), cálicem sanctum, a Pagánis fractum, orándo instaurávit. Is, in persecutióne Juliáni Apóstatæ, a Quadratiáno Augustáli comprehénsus, et, cum sacrificáre idólis renuísset, gládio percússus, martyrium consummávit. Passus est étiam cum eo beátus Hilarínus Mónachus; cujus memória décimo séptimo Kaléndas Augústi recólitur, quo die sacrum ipsíus corpus ad Ostia Tiberína translátum fuit. At Arezzo in Tuscany, the birthday of St. Donatus, bishop and martyr, who among other miraculous deeds by his prayers (as is related by blessed Pope Gregory) made whole again a sacred chalice which had been broken by pagans. Being apprehended by the imperial officer Quadratian, during the persecution of Julian the Apostate, and refusing to sacrifice to idols, he was struck with the sword, and thus fulfilled his martyrdom. With him suffered also the blessed monk Hilarinus, whose feast is celebrated on the 16th of July, at which time his body was taken to Ostia.

Romæ sanctórum Mártyrum Petri et Juliáni, cum áliis decem et octo. At Rome, the holy martyrs Peter and Julian, with eighteen others.

Medioláni sancti Fausti mílitis, qui, sub Aurélio Cómmodo, post multa certámina, martyrii palmam adéptus est. At Milan, St. Faustus, a soldier, who obtained the palm of martyrdom after many trials in the time of Aurelius Commodus.

Novocómi pássio sanctórum Mártyrum Carpóphori, Exánthi, Cássii, Severíni, Secúndi et Licínii; qui, in confessióne Christi, cápite truncáti sunt. At Como, the passion of the holy martyrs Carpophorus, Exanthus, Cassius, Severinus, Secundus, and Licinius, who were beheaded for the confession of Christ.

Nísibi, in Mesopotámia, sancti Dométii, Mónachi Persæ, qui cum duóbus discípulis, sub Juliáno Apóstata, lapidátus est. At Nisibis in Mesopotamia, St. Dometius, a Persian monk, who was stoned to death with two of his disciples at the time of Julian the Apostate.

Rotómagi sancti Victrícii Epíscopi, qui adhuc miles, sub eódem Juliáno, abjíciens pro Christo cíngulum, a Tribúno multis torméntis affícitur, et cápitis damnátur; sed, carnífice, qui ad eum cædéndum missus fúerat, cæcitáte percússo, ipse, vínculis solútis, liber evásit. Póstea, Epíscopus factus, indómitas Morinórum et Nerviórum gentes divíni prædicatióne verbi ad Christi fidem perdúxit, et demum Conféssor in pace quiévit. At Rouen, the holy bishop St. Victricius. While he was yet a soldier under Julian, he threw away his military belt for Christ, and after being subjected by the tribune to many torments, was condemned to death. But the executioner sent to slay him being struck blind, and the confessor’s chains being loosened, he made his escape. Afterwards being made bishop, by preaching the word of God, he brought to the faith of Christ the barbarous people of Belgic Gaul, and finally died in peace, a confessor.

Cataláuni, in Gállia, sancti Donatiáni Epíscopi. At Chalons in France, St. Donatian, bishop.

Messánæ, in Sicília, sancti Albérti Confessóris, ex Ordine Carmelitárum, miráculis clari. At Messina in Sicily, St. Albert, confessor of the Carmelite Order, renowned for miracles.

Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum.
R.  Deo grátias.
And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R.  Thanks be to God

August VII.
St. Cajetan of Thienna, Confessor
SS. Donatus, Bishop of Arezzo in Tuscany, and Hilarinus, Martyrs

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