Octávo Kaléndas Decémbris. Luna


Octávo Kaléndas Decémbris. Luna . The Twenty-Fourth Day of November. The Night of the Moon. 

Sancti Joánnis a Cruce Presbyteri, Confessóris et Ecclesiásticæ Doctóris, sanctæ Terésiæ in Carmelitárum reformatióne sócii, cujus dies natális décimo nono Kaléndas Januárii recensétur.

St. John of the Cross, priest and confessor, and doctor of the Church, companion of St. Teresa in the reform of Carmel, and whose birthday is the 14th of December.

Eódem die natális sancti Chrysógoni Mártyris, qui, post longa víncula et cárceres pro constantíssima Christi confessióne tolerátos, Aquiléjam, jubénte Diocletiáno, perdúctus, tandem, cæsus cápite et in mare projéctus, martyrium consummávit.

Also, the birthday of St. Chrysogonus, martyr.  After a long imprisonment in chains for the constant confession of Christ, he was ordered by Diocletian to be taken to Aquileia, where he completed his martyrdom by being beheaded and thrown into the sea.

Romæ sancti Crescentiáni Mártyris, qui in passióne beáti Marcélli Papæ memorátur.

At Rome, St. Crescentian, martyr, whose name is mentioned in the Acts of blessed Pope Marcellus.

Apud Corínthum sancti Alexándri Mártyris, qui sub Juliáno Apóstata et Sallústio Præside, pro Christi fide certávit usque ad mortem.

At Corinth, St. Alexander, martyr, who fought unto death for the faith of Christ, under Julian the Apostate and the governor Sallust.

Perúsiæ sancti Felicíssimi Mártyris.

At Perugia, St. Felicissimus, martyr.

Amériæ, in Umbria, sanctæ Firmínæ, Vírginis et Mártyris; quæ, in persecutióne Diocletiáni Imperatóris, várie cruciáta est, ac demum, suspénsa et lampádibus ardéntibus adústa, immaculátum spíritum Deo réddidit.

At Amelia in Umbria, during the persecution of Diocletian, St. Firmina, virgin and martyr.  After being subjected to various torments, to hanging, and to burning with flaming torches, she yielded up her spirit.

Córdubæ, in Hispánia, sanctárum Vírginum et Mártyrum Floræ et Maríæ; quæ, post diutúrnos cárceres, in persecutióne Arábica, gládio interémptæ sunt.

At Cordova in Spain, the holy virgins and martyrs Flora and Mary, who after a long imprisonment were slain with the sword in the Arab persecution.

Medioláni sancti Protásii Epíscopi, qui apud Constántem Imperatórem in Concílio Sardicénsi causam Athanásii deféndit, ac demum, pro Ecclésia sibi commíssa et pro religióne multis perfúnctus labóribus, migrávit ad Dóminum.

At Milan, St. Protase, bishop, who defended the cause of Athanasius before Emperor Constans in the Council of Sardica.  Having sustained many labours for the church entrusted to him and for religion, he departed this life to go to the Lord.

In território Arvernénsi sancti Portiáni Abbátis, qui, sub Theodoríco Rege, miráculis cláruit; cujus étiam nomen índitum mansit tam monastério cui Sanctus ipse præfuit, quam óppido quod in eódem loco póstea constrúctum fuit.

In the territory of Auvergne, St. Portian, an abbot who was renowned for miracles in the time of King Theodoric.  His name was given to the monastery that he had governed and also the town which was later built there.

In castro Blávio, in Gállia, sancti Románi Presbyteri, cujus sanctitátis præcónium glória miraculórum declárat.

In the town of Blaye in France, St. Romanus, priest, whose holiness is proclaimed by glorious miracles.

Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum.

R.  Deo grátias.

And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.

R.  Thanks be to God.

November XXIV.
St. John of the Cross, Confessor
St. Chrysogonus, Martyr
SS. Flora and Mary, Virgins and Martyrs
St. Cianan, or Kenan, Bishop of Duleek, in Ireland


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