Advent study conferences

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A NEW series of conferences by His Grace for Advent exploring the Sunday liturgies, the themes, Scripture lessons, Propers and customs of the Traditional Latin Rite. Titled “Lumen gentium” (light to the nations) the series will continue after Advent into the New Year through Christmas and Epiphany to Candlemas.

Every Monday, Archbishop Jerome will explain the thematic context of the Sunday’s liturgy of the day before. What is it Holy Mother Church wants us to experience, to believe, to live from the worship she has developed and offered over two thousand years to adore and glorify God? What is she asking us to believe about God, about ourselves in relationship with Him and what does this mean for our lives and how and why we should worship Him and manifest this belief in our lives?

Taking the Proper (Latin: proprium) of the Mass i.e. those variable parts of the liturgy reflecting the liturgical season, or of a particular saint or significant event; the Archbishop will explain the Scriptural derivation, context and thus relevance to the theme of the liturgy. From the Introit through to the Communion Antiphon, the Archbishop will explain the origins of the verses and the “anamnesis” i.e. what we are supposed to remember or recall of God’s saving deeds.

His Grace will also take us through the lections i.e. the readings of the Mass, using exegesis to explain the context and thus the relevance of the reading to the theme of the liturgy. Part bible-study and part spiritual reflection, the Archbishop will draw out the themes Holy Church wishes us to understand from the Scriptures.

Finally, His Grace will explain how all this information may be relevant to our lives as Christians; what it means for worship, what it means for our understanding and knowledge, what it means for our lives and the application of these lessons to our living out of the Faith. If there’s time… His Grace will take questions live from viewers in the comments!

Watch the series below as each episode is aired and recorded
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EPISODE I The first week of Advent

  • Background and history to the development and observance of the season of Advent.
  • The context of the Mass liturgy within the structure of the liturgical office i.e. the connection between the Mass and the Breviary.
  • The First Sunday of Advent liturgy.
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EPISODE II The second week of Advent

  • Why the discrepancy between Protestant and Catholic bibles ref the numbering of Psalms.
  • Isaiah the prophet of the Messiah, the keystone of the Advent liturgy.
  • The Second Sunday of Advent liturgy.
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EPISODE III the Third Week of Advent

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