Carissimi: Today’s Mass; Seven Holy Brothers & Ss Rufina & Secunda, Martyrs

The Old Roman

Feast of the Seven Holy Brothers: Januarius, Felix, Philip, Silanus, Alexander, Vitalis and Martial, Martyrs as well as the Virgin Martyrs Saints Rufina and Secunda:Missa “Laudáte, púeri, Dóminum

Today is the feast of the Seven Brothers and Sts. Rufina and Secunda. The Roman widow Felicitas and her seven sons were martyred in about the year 162. Pope Gregory the Great said of this widow, “She was more than a martyr, for seeing her seven children martyred before her eyes, she was in some sort a martyr in each of them.” A century later, Rufina and Secunda, daughters of a wealthy Roman, refused to marry two suitors who had apostatized from the Christian religion. They were scourged and beheaded.

INTROITPsalm 112: 1, 9

Praise the Lord, ye children, praise ye the name of the Lord; Who maketh the barren woman to dwell in a house, the joyful mother…

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