Carissimi: Today’s Mass; S. Anacletus, Pope

The Old Roman

Pope, St Anacletus, Martyr:Missa“Statuit ei Dominus”

Pope Saint Anacletus was the third leader of the Church and followed both Peter and Linus. Often called Cletus, he ruled from circa 79 to 92 AD. The pope was known for dividing Rome into 25 regions and giving control over each one to different bishops. You can read about the life of Pope Anacletus in this article.

Anacletus was the first pope born and raised in Greece. Born circa 25 AD, he lived in Athenae, the city now known as Athens. His parents named him Anakletos, he would also use the name Kletos. Anacletus knew Peter and worked closely with him. It was Peter who ordained Anacletus and made him a priest, which led to him later becoming pope. He would use both the name Anacletus and the name Cletus.

There is some dispute over his papal reign and how long it…

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