Tagapo Mission Chapel Restoration Project

The Old Roman Mission Chapel of St Dominic, Rizal Blvd, Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines

The old Chapel has been in an awful state for quite some time. Years of neglect have taken their toll on the building, leaving it in dire need of repairs and general restoration. Every Sunday, the members of the congregation who gather to celebrate the traditional Mass hardly notice the broken roof tiles, the flaking paint, the faulty wiring, or the crumbling plaster. To them, it is more than just a building; it is a place of refuge, a sacred sanctuary that reminds them of their faith and the love of God.

But now, the Chapel needs help. Its roof needs to be replaced, its electrical system needs to be repaired, its plaster needs to be patched up, and its walls and statues need a fresh coat of paint. Furthermore, the sanctuary needs to be completely renovated and a new altar and gradine need to be installed.

However, the congregation have one major problem—they simply don’t have the funds to pay for all the repairs and restoration. The Chapel is more than just a place to celebrate Mass; it also serves as a focal point for local poverty relief activities and a chaplaincy for the Marian Hospital next door. It is essential to the community, yet the congregation are unable to cover the expenses.

And so, the congregation pray for a miracle—for a way to repair and restore the Chapel matching the limited funds from their collection plate. Their prayers have already been partially answered by a generous anonymous benefactor and initial repairs have begun. But more is needed, especially if the Chapel is to be re-dedicated by Archbishop Jerome of Selsey (UK) during his visitation in February 2023.

We would be grateful if you would show your support for this devoted religious community by giving a gift, regardless of the amount. The people who donate will be acknowledged with a prayer of thanks, and if the gift is made in memory of someone, their name will be written in a Chantry book for an annual commemoration during the months of the holy souls in November.

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