Philippines Visitation 2023 Announced

Press Release Philippines

Archbishop Jerome Lloyd, Titular Archbishop of Selsey and head of the Old Roman apostolate internationally, will pay an extended visit to the Philippines in February 2023. This will be a historic occasion, as the Archbishop is one of the most senior members of the Old Roman Catholic Church, which traces its roots prior to the First Vatican Council and back to the 16th century underground Catholic resistance during the Protestant Reformation in northern Europe.

During his stay in the Philippines, Archbishop Lloyd will be meeting with local clergy, lay leaders, and members of the public from all walks of life. He will also be taking part in important religious ceremonies, offering spiritual guidance and sharing his knowledge and experience with the community. His visit marks a significant milestone in the relationship between the Old Roman Catholic Church and the Philippines, and the Archbishop’s presence is sure to bring a sense of curiosity and interest to the people of the country about the Old Roman apostolate.

Archbishop Lloyd will be accompanied by a team of local experts and community lay leaders to ensure that his visit is successful. During his stay, he will be visiting various mission chapels and apostolates in different regions of the Philippines. He will also have meetings with members of the Roman Catholic hierarchy, local government officials, and other religious leaders to discuss matters of mutual interest. The Archbishop has a keen interest in social action and community cohesion as exampled by his particular ministry in the UK for the homeless and relieving community tensions, e.g. combating racial hate crime.

During this visit, Archbishop Lloyd is expected to give spiritual conferences about the mission and vision of the Old Roman Catholic apostolate. He will also address social action projects, family values, and traditional Filipino customs that are important for maintaining a strong relationship between the Catholic faith and Filipino society. Archbishop Lloyd’s visit is expected to bring greater unity within Old Roman communities through religious services and other community-oriented activities.

Archbishop Lloyd returns after a visitation in 2020 to consecrate an episcopal administrator for the Old Roman apostolate in the Philippines, Bishop Joash Jaime.

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