Incardinations Philippine Territory

HE ✠Joash Jaime, episcopal administrator of the Philippine Territory for the Old Roman apostolate in Asia, received the Profession of Faith, the Oath against Modernism and the Oath of Fidelity and Obedience, respectively from

the Revd Dominick Hacuman during holy Mass at the Chapel of the Divine Mercy, Pintong Bukawe, San Mateo on the First Sunday of Advent, and

the Revd Brandon Samson during holy Mass at the Holy Hearts Chapel, Barangay 418, Sampaloc on the Second Sunday of Advent.

the Revd Alladin Castro during holy Mass at the Sanctuario de San Roque, Manila on Tuesday, December 13th

The Profession and Oaths were made before Bishop Joash and witnessed by the faithful of each mission as the priests swore upon the sacred Scriptures. After the vows, the bishop blessed each priest with a prayer for perseverance and presented him with a pastoral stole, admitting them to the charge of parochial administrator, before witnessing their signatures to the Oaths upon the altar.

Bishop Joash will be incardinating more priests as Advent progresses and into the New Year, as the territory receives growing interest in the Old Roman apostolate.

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