Ad Clerum: Communications

Communication and the dissemination of information in any organisation can often be challenging. Ensuring that contact information is up to date and that everyone who “needs to know” has been reached can be difficult. This can be problematic within a localised site such as an office building; for an international organisation such as our apostolate, this is almost impossible!

As our apostolate continues to grow, so will the need to communicate information to several persons expeditiously, particularly the clergy. The disparate nature of our presbyterate across countries and continents and the limited resources available to us, only exacerbate the need to find an equitable solution.

Taking into account the varying technologies and internet access available to our dispersed members and the challenges due to disparity in internet capabilities between nations and continents, our communications strategy is developing a platform for ease of use regardless of geographical location. This will ensure that our members have secure and accessible communications, no matter what part of the world they are located in. By doing this, we can maximize the resources available to us while still providing an effective communication service.

An online platform is an obvious solution, ensuring that all our members have access to it and that it is user-friendly. To this end, we are investing in the development of this website as an online platform which will allow us to effectively communicate with all our members, regardless of their geographical location. This platform will enable communications to be centralised, share documents and other resources, host virtual meetings and track engagement levels.

Ad populum

As has been done recently and to good effect, ad populum communications e.g. pastoral epistles to the faithful, will continue to be published on this website but with the addition of downloadable pdf files for onward dissemination.

Pastoral epistles may be read out to congregations instead of a homily or as an address. Pastoral epistles are meant to be shared with the faithful who support and attend our apostolate’s chapels and missions. This can be done, either by sharing this website address and directing them to this website or by downloading and printing hard copies to be distributed.

Ad clerum

“To the clergy” notices such as this one will in the first instance be published on this website. To avoid falling foul of inbox algorithms and being misidentified as “spam” they will not be sent by email. Instead, as has worked effectively recently, a notice will be posted via social media. However, clergy are not to rely on such notices and instead should take the responsibility to check in frequently with this website to see the latest updates.

A password will be required to read future published Ad clerums and this will be available on request via this website to those qualified. As with pastoral epistles, a downloadable pdf of the Ad clerum will be available.

Ad clerums traditionally contain information pertinent only to the clergy and should not be shared with other clergy not licensed by nor otherwise cooperating with our apostolate. Information relevant only to select clergy will be distributed separately.


The Ordo detailing the universal calendar and observance of feasts and offices for the offering of Mass will continue to be published on this website, together with any relevant notices and appendices or attachments.

As part of our communications strategy, we are dedicated to making Missalettes available in multiple languages. Not only will the standard Latin/English version be available for download as a pdf file, but other bilingual editions such as Latin/Spanish will also be available for printing and use. We hope that offering Missalettes in various languages will help better serve our faithful and make the liturgy more accessible. This is a work in progress.

Resources & Articles

News, apologetic and informative articles specific to the mission and vision of our apostolate will also be published on this website and should likewise be drawn to the attention of those for whom they would be relevant or of interest. Lay cooperators in the work of the apostolate particularly should be encouraged to check in and read or download documents relevant to their ministries.

It is the aim of our communications strategy to make available on this website, everything a cleric requires to facilitate his ministry within our apostolate, from templates for sacrament certificates to recommended manuals and spiritual reading for ongoing formation in the clerical life.

Ultimately the purpose of our communication strategy is to serve Christ, His people and the Church. We hope to do this by creating an online resource that will serve as a reliable source of information and support for our clergy, lay cooperators and all those who support our work by sponsorship and by prayer.