UPDATE: Tagapo Mission Chapel Restoration Project

The Old Roman Mission Chapel of St Dominic, Rizal Blvd, Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines


We are incredibly delighted to report that renovations of the Chapel have successfully begun, thanks to the generosity of initial benefactors! The roof and ceiling are almost complete, and work has begun on the reordering of the sanctuary. To see the need and scale of the works and what has already been achieved, scroll down for ‘before’ and ‘transformation’ photos.

The restoration of this chapel is a vital undertaking for our community. Without the help from generous benefactors, we would not be able to provide a safe and secure environment for regular worshiping. However, we still need funds to achieve our goal and complete the project! The first phase is proceeding at a pace, and it is hoped will be completed by the time of the Archbishop’s visitation. But there is still some way to go to finish the project, so we are appealing to anyone who can help us reach our target – whether it’s donating money or sharing this campaign with as many people as possible – so that this vital renovation can be completed!


The old Chapel has been in an awful state for quite some time. Years of neglect have taken their toll on the building, leaving it in dire need of repairs and general restoration. Every Sunday, the members of the congregation who gather to celebrate the traditional Mass hardly notice the broken roof tiles, the flaking paint, the faulty wiring, or the crumbling plaster. To them, it is more than just a building; it is a place of refuge, a sacred sanctuary that reminds them of their faith and the love of God.

But now, the Chapel needs help. Its roof needs to be replaced, its electrical system needs to be repaired, its plaster needs to be patched up, and its walls and statues need a fresh coat of paint. Furthermore, the sanctuary needs to be completely renovated and a new altar and gradine need to be installed.

The transformation begins…

The first stage of the renovation is well underway! The roof has been repaired and a ceiling put up and with the electrics addressed new lighting has been installed. The sanctuary has been prepared for a new reredos and gradine, and already a new crucifix adorns the east wall where a new altar will soon be placed. This initial stage should be completed end of January, though we are short some 20’000 pesos to complete it (approx $400/£300).

The second stage involves repairing the choir balcony, west windows and renovating the sacristy, priest’s room and metal grills.

Become a Benefactor today…

Being a benefactor is more than just donating money, it’s about making a difference in the lives of others. As a benefactor, you are able to help with the renovation and restoration of vital community buildings, such as this chapel. With generous contributions from benefactors like yourself, funds can be raised for this essential project that will have a positive impact on the people of Tagapo.

The benefits of being a benefactor are immense. You get the satisfaction of knowing that your donations are going towards something truly valuable and beneficial to the community. Your efforts could bring about much-needed change in areas such as education, healthcare and infrastructure. Further, by being a benefactor you can inspire others to join in this noble cause and have an even greater impact.

You can also take pride in the fact that your donations will make an impact on future generations. The funds raised by benefactors like yourself will go towards maintaining existing structures as well as building new ones, thus ensuring that future generations can benefit too. An active chapel next to a maternity hospital means baptisms! It means hope! It means a community centre for the distribution of food and healthcare! It means a safe place for youth! It means a place to offer thanksgiving!

Being a benefactor is not just an opportunity to do something good, but also to be part of something bigger and more meaningful.

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