A new bishop

On Sunday, October 14th 2018 at the Church of the Atonement, Chicago, Metropolitan Jerome of Selsey, assisted by Metropolitan Charles of Wisconsin and Metropolitan David of Louisiana consecrated to the sacred episcopate Monsignor Nioclas Kelly OSF as the new bishop ordinary of the Diocese of Chicago after a two year sede vacante interregnum. Bishop Kelly became the sixth bishop of Chicago since the see was founded in 1916.

“Complete in Thy priest the fullness of Thy ministry, and adorned in the raiment of all glory, sanctify him with the dew of heavenly anointing.”

Pontificale Romanum

The three-hour long liturgy followed the (Tridentine) Roman Pontifical, and took place during the course of a Solemn Pontifical Mass celebrated in the traditional Latin rite. The wonderful talents of Mr Kevin Allan (Schola Director) and Mr Charles Sega (Organ) complimented the ancient ceremonies with Gregorian chant, polyphony and magnificent organ pieces, one of the highlights being the antiphonal (choir/organ)Te Deum while the new bishop blessed the congregation. 

In his homily Metropolitan Jerome reminded the new bishop (and the congregation) of the meaning of the symbols of the episcopal office;

  • the ring, that weds the bishop to his diocese as Christ is married to the Church;
  • the crozier, that speaks to both the pastoral and disciplinary aspects of the office;
  • the mitre, that represents the two Biblical Testaments and the witness and faith of the apostles and the teaching office of the bishop;
  • and the sacred chrism with which he was anointed, representing the Divine Charity with which he is to love, teach and correct the people of God.

The consecration was witnessed by Bishop Kelly’s parents who’d flown over from Ireland, parishioners, visiting faithful and clergy, friends, work colleagues (from Bishop Kelly’s hospital chaplaincy) and ecumenical guests. Following the ceremony, faithful and clergy alike came to honour the new bishop and receive his blessing and enjoy a wonderful buffet and celebratory wine at a reception afterwards with a huge cake emblazoned with the new bishop’s coat of arms.

Of your charity, please pray for Bishop Kelly and the Diocese of Chicago. 

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