Episcopal Visitations 2022

The following are confirmed visitations by the Archbishop of Selsey in 2022.

23.04.22 – 30.04.22Slovenská Republika
Republik Österreich
Wien / Haslau-Maria EllendPilgrimage
09.05.22 – 19.05.22Rzeczpospolita Polska
Hayastani Hanrapetut’yun
Էջմիածնի մայր տաճարConference
Երևան / Տաթևի վանքPilgrimage
06.06.22 – 13.06.22Ellinikí Dimokratía
22.06.22 – 29.06.22République Française
Bordèu / BrageiracPastoral
19.08.22 – 23.08.22República Portuguesa
21.09.22 – 30.09.22Slovenská Republika
Rzeczpospolita Polska
Warszawa / Gora KalwariaPilgrimage

The archbishop provides pastoral episcopal oversight for Old Roman communities throughout Europe, requiring him to travel regularly to provide sacraments reserved to the episcopal order, e.g. Confirmation and Ordination. Usually these trips include pilgrimages, retreats and conferences, and opportunities for disparate Old Romans within a region to gather together.

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