Undécimo Kaléndas Novémbris. Luna


Undécimo Kaléndas Novémbris.  Luna The Twenty-Second Day of October. The Night of the Moon.

Hierosólymis sanctæ Maríæ Salóme, matris sanctórum Jacóbi et Joánnis Apostolórum, quæ in Evangelio légitur circa Dómini sepultúram sollícita.
At Jerusalem, St. Mary Salome, the mother of the apostles James and John, who is referred to in the Gospel as having cared for the burial of our Lord.

Item Hierosólymis beáti Marci Epíscopi, claríssimi et doctíssimi viri, qui primus ex Géntibus Ecclésiam Hierosolymórum suscépit regéndam, ac, non multo post, sub Antoníno Imperatóre, martyrii méruit palmam.
At Jerusalem, blessed Bishop Mark, a noble and learned man, who was the first Gentile to govern the Church of Jerusalem.  His brief episcopate was rewarded by the palm of martyrdom under Emperor Antoninus.

Hadrianópoli, in Thrácia, natális sanctórum Mártyrum Philíppi Epíscopi, Sevéri Presbyteri, Eusébii et Hermétis; qui, sub Juliáno Apóstata, post cárceres et flagélla, incéndio cremáti sunt.
At Adrianople in Thrace, the birthday of the holy martyrs Philip, a bishop, Severus, a priest, Eusebius, and Hermes.  After being imprisoned and scourged, they were burned alive in the time of Julian the Apostate.
Item sanctórum Mártyrum Alexándri Epíscopi, Heraclíi mílitis, et Sociórum.
Also, the holy martyrs Alexander, a bishop, Heraclius, a soldier, and their companions.

Apud Firmum, in Picéno, natális sancti Philíppi, Epíscopi et Mártyris.
At Fermo in Piceno, the birthday of St. Philip, bishop and martyr.

Apud Colóniam Agrippínam sanctæ Córdulæ, quæ, cum esset una ex sodálibus sanctæ Ursulæ, atque aliárum supplíciis et cædibus pertérrita se occultásset, postrídie, ejus rei pænitens, se ultro patefécit Hunnis, et, novíssima ómnium, martyrii corónam accépit.
At Cologne, St. Cordula, who was one of the companions of St. Ursula.  Being terrified by the punishments and slaughter of the others, she hid herself, but repenting her deed, on the next day she declared herself to the Huns of her own accord, and thus was the last of them all to receive the crown of martyrdom.

Oscæ, in Hispánia, sanctárum Vírginum Nunilónis et Alódiæ sorórum, quæ, a Saracénis ob fídei confessiónem capitáli senténtia punítæ, martyrium consummárunt.
At Huesca in Spain, the holy virgins Nunilo and Alodia, sisters, who endured martyrdom by being condemned to capital punishment by the Saracens for the confession of the faith.

Hierápoli, in Phrygia, sancti Abércii Epíscopi, qui sub Marco Antoníno Imperatóre cláruit.
At Hieropolis in Phrygia, St. Abercius, bishop, who flourished under Emperor Marcus Antoninus.

Rotómagi sancti Melánii Epíscopi, qui, a sancto Stéphano Papa ordinátus, illuc ad prædicándum Evangélium missus est.
At Rouen, St. Melanius, bishop, who was ordained by Pope St. Stephen and sent there to preach the Gospel.

In Túscia sancti Donáti Scoti, Epíscopi Fæsuláni.
In Tuscany, St. Donatus of Scotland, bishop of Fiesole.

Verónæ sancti Verecúndi, Epíscopi et Confessóris.
At Verona, St. Verecundus, bishop and confessor.

Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum.
R.  Deo grátias.
And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R.  Thanks be to God.

October XXII.
St. Philip, Bishop of Heraclea, and Companions, Martyrs
SS. Nunilo and Alodia, Virgins and Martyrs, in Spain
St. Donatus, Bishop of Fiesoli, in Tuscany, Confessor
St. Mello, or Melanius, Bishop of Rouen, Confessor
St. Mark, Bishop of Jerusalem, Confessor

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