Décimo Kaléndas Júnii. Luna.


Décimo Kaléndas Júnii. Luna . The Twenty-Third Day of May. The Night of the Moon.

Apud Língonas, in Gállia, pássio sancti Desidérii Epíscopi, qui, cum plebem suam ab exércitu Wandalórum vexári cérneret, ad Regem eórum pro ea supplicatúrus accéssit; a quo statim jugulári jussus, pro óvibus sibi créditis cervícem libénter exténdit, et, percússus gládio, migrávit ad Christum.  Passi sunt autem cum ipso et álii plures de número gregis sui, qui apud eándem urbem cónditi sunt. At Langres in France, the martyrdom of the holy bishop Desiderius, who visited the king to offer entreaties in behalf of his people who were mistreated by the Vandal army.  He was immediately condemned to beheading, and willingly presenting his head to receive the blow of the sword, he died for the sheep committed to his charge and departed for heaven.  With him suffered many of his flock, who are buried in the same city.
In Hispánia sanctórum Mártyrum Epitácii Epíscopi, et Basiléi. In Spain, the holy martyrs Epitacius, a bishop, and Basileus.
In território Lugdunénsi sancti Desidérii, Epíscopi Viennénsis; qui, Theodoríci Regis jussu lapídibus óbrutus, martyrio coronátur. In the territory of Lyons, St. Desiderius, bishop of Vienne, who was crowned with martyrdom by being stoned at the order of King Theodoric.
In Africa sanctórum Mártyrum Quinctiáni, Lúcii et Juliáni, qui, in persecutióne Wandálica passi, ætérnas corónas meruérunt. In Africa, the holy martyrs Quintian, Lucius, and Julian, who merited eternal crowns by their sufferings, during the persecution of the Vandals.
In Cappadócia commemorátio sanctórum Mártyrum, qui, in persecutióne Maximiáni Galérii, confráctis crúribus, necáti sunt; item eórum, qui eódem témpore, in Mesopotámia, appénsi pédibus in sublíme, cápite verso deórsum, suffocáti fumo et lento igne consúmpti, martyrium complevérunt. In Cappadocia, the commemoration of the holy martyrs who died by having their legs crushed, in the persecution of Maximian Galerius.  Also in Mesopotamia, those martyrs who, at the same time, were suspended in the air with their heads downward, suffocated with smoke, and consumed by a slow fire, thus fulfilling their martyrdom.
Synnadæ, in Phrygia, sancti Michaélis Epíscopi. At Synnada in Phrygia, St. Michael, bishop.
Ipso die sancti Mercuriális Epíscopi. The same day, St. Mercurialis, bishop.
The Cathedral of Naples
Neápoli, in Campánia, sancti Euphébii Epíscopi. At Naples in Campania, St. Euphebius, bishop.
Romæ sancti Joánnis Baptístæ de Rossi, Presbyteri et Confessóris, patiéntia et caritáte in evangelizándis paupéribus insígnis. At Rome, St. John Baptist de Rossi, priest and confessor, a man illustrious for his patience and his zeal in preaching the Gospel to the poor.
Apud Núrsiam sanctórum Eutychii et Floréntii Monachórum, quorum méminit beátus Gregórius Papa. At Norcia, Saints Eutychius and Florentius, monks, mentioned by the blessed Pope Gregory.
Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum.
R.  Deo grátias.
And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
  Thanks be to God.


St. Julia, Virgin and Martyr
St. Desiderius, Bishop of Langres, Martyr
St. Desiderius, Bishop of Vienne, Martyr


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