Duodécimo Kaléndas Octóbris. Luna.


Duodécimo Kaléndas Octóbris. Luna . The Twentieth Day of September. The Night of the Moon.

Vigília sancti Matthæi, Apóstoli et Evangelístæ.
The vigil of St. Matthew, apostle and evangelist.

Romæ pássio sanctórum Mártyrum Eustáchii et Theopístis uxóris, cum duóbus fíliis Agapíto et Theopísto, qui, sub Hadriáno Imperatóre, damnáti ad béstias, sed Dei ope ab iis nullátenus læsi, tandem, in bovem æneum candéntem inclúsi, martyrium consummárunt.
At Rome, the holy martyrs Eustace, and Theopistes, his wife, with their two sons, Agapitus and Theopistus.  Under Emperor Hadrian they were condemned to be cast to the beasts, but by the power of God they were uninjured by them, so they were shut up in a heated brazen ox, and thus completed their martyrdom.

Cyzici, in Propóntide, natális sanctórum Mártyrum Faustæ Vírginis, et Evilásii, sub Maximiáno Imperatóre; e quibus Fausta, ab eódem Evilásio, idolórum sacerdóte, decalváta et ad turpitúdinem rasa, suspénsa et torta est.  Deínde, cum eam vellet médiam secáre, et carnífices lǽdere non valérent, stupens crédidit in Christum Evilásius; et, dum ipse quoque, Imperatóris jussu, fórtiter torquerétur, Fausta, cápite terebráta, clavis toto córpore confíxa et sartágine ignítæ impósita, tandem, cum eódem Evilásio, illam voce de cælis vocánte, transívit ad Dóminum.
At Cyzicum, on the sea of Marmora, the birthday of the holy martyrs Evilasius and the virgin Fausta, in the time of Emperor Maximian.  Fausta’s head was shaved to shame her, and she was hung up and tortured by Evilasius, then a pagan priest.  But when he wished to have her body cut in two, the executioners could not inflict any injury upon her.  Amazed at this prodigy, Evilasius believed in Christ and was cruelly tortured by order of the emperor; at the same time Fausta had her head bored through and her whole body pierced with nails.  She was then laid on a heated gridiron, and being called by a celestial voice, went in company with Evilasius to enjoy the blessedness of heaven.
In Phrygia sanctórum Mártyrum Dionysii et Priváti.
In Phrygia, the holy martyrs Denis and Privatus.
Item sancti Prisci Mártyris, qui, punctim pugiónibus transverberátus, cápite plexus est.
Also St. Priscus, martyr, whose body was pierced throughout with daggers, after which he was beheaded.

Perge, in Pamphylia, sanctórum Theodóri, et Philíppæ matris, ac Sociórum Mártyrum, sub Antoníno Imperatóre.
At Pergen in Pamphylia, the Saints Theodore, his mother Philippa, and their fellow martyrs, in the time of Emperor Antoninus.

Carthágine sanctæ Cándidæ, Vírginis et Mártyris; quæ, sub Maximiáno Imperatóre, plagis toto córpore dilaceráta, martyrio coronátur.
At Carthage, under Emperor Maximian, St. Candida, virgin and martyr.  After her body was lacerated by whips she was crowned with martyrdom.

Medioláni sancti Clicérii, Epíscopi et Confessóris.
At Milan, St. Clicerius, bishop and confessor.

Romæ Translátio córporis sancti Agapíti Primi, Papæ et Confessóris, ex urbe Constantinópoli, in qua Póntifex décimo Kaléndas Maji obdormíerat in Dómino.
At Rome, the translation of the body of St. Agapitus I, pope and confessor, from the city of Constantinople, in which he died on the 22nd of April.

Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum.
R.  Deo grátias.
And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R.  Thanks be to God.

September XX.
St. Eustachius and Companions, Martyrs
St. Agapetus, Pope and Confessor

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