Sexto Idus Maji. Luna.


Sexto Idus Maji. Luna . The Tenth Day of May. The Night of the Moon.

Sancti Antoníni, ex Ordine Prædicatórum, Epíscopi Florentíni et Confessóris, cujus dies natális sexto Nonas mensis hujus recensétur. St. Antoninus of the Order of Preachers, confessor and archbishop of Florence, whose birthday is the 2nd of May.
Romæ, via Latína, natális sanctórum Mártyrum Gordiáni et Epímachi, quorum prior, pro confessióne nóminis Christi, témpore Juliáni Apóstatæ, diu plumbátis cæsus et ad últimum cápite truncátus, noctu a Christiánis sepúltus eádem via fuit in crypta, in quam beáti Epímachi Mártyris relíquiæ paulo ante translátæ fúerant ab Alexandría, ubi ipse, pro Christi fide, martyrium compléverat prídie Idus Decémbris. At Rome, on the Via Latina, the birthday of the holy martyrs Gordian and Epimachus.  In the time of Julian the Apostate, the former was a long time scourged and finally beheaded for confessing the name of Christ.  He was buried at night by the Christians, in a crypt to which, shortly before, the remains of the blessed martyr Epimachus had been transferred from Alexandria, where he had been martyred for the faith of Christ on the 12th of December.
In terra Hus sancti Job Prophétæ, admirándæ patiéntiæ viri. In the land of Hus, the holy prophet Job, a man of wonderful patience.
Romæ beáti Calepódii, Presbyteri et Mártyris; quem Alexánder Imperátor gládio fecit occídi, et corpus ejus per civitátem trahi, atque in Tíberim jactári, quod invéntum Callístus Papa sepelívit.  Decollátus est étiam Palmátius Consul cum uxóre et fíliis et áliis promíscui sexus quadragínta duóbus de domo sua, Simplícius quoque Senátor cum uxóre et sexagínta octo de famila sua, item et Felix cum uxóre sua Blanda; quorum cápita suspénsa sunt per divérsas portas Urbis, ad exémplum Christianórum. At Rome, the blessed priest and martyr Calepodius, who was killed with the sword by order of Emperor Alexander.  His body was dragged through the city and thrown into the Tiber.  It was afterwards found and buried by Pope Callistus.  The consul Palmatius was also beheaded with his wife, his sons, and forty-two of both sexes belonging to his household; likewise the senator Simplicius with his wife, and sixty-eight of his house; Felix also with his wife Blanda.  The heads of all these martyrs were exposed over different gates of the city in order to terrify the Christians.
Item Romæ, via Latína, ad Centum Aulas, natális sanctórum Mártyrum Quarti et Quincti, quorum córpora Cápuam transláta sunt. Also at Rome, on the Via Latina, the birthday of the holy martyrs Quartus and Quinctus, whose bodies were translated to Capua.
Apud Leontínos, in Sicília, sanctórum Mártyrum Alphii, Philadélphi et Cyríni. At Lentini in Sicily, the holy martyrs Alphius, Philadelphis, and Cyrinus.
Smyrnæ sancti Dioscóridis Mártyris. At Smyrna, St. Dioscorides, martyr.
Apud Taréntum sancti Catáldi Epíscopi, miráculis clari. At Taranto, St. Cataldus, a bishop renowned for miracles.
Matríti sancti Isidóri Agrícolæ, quem, miráculis clarum, Gregórius Papa Décimus quintus, una cum sanctis Ignátio, Francísco Xavério, Terésia et Philíppo Nério, in Sanctórum númerum rétulit. At Madrid, St. Isidore the Farmer.  Being well known for his miracles, Pope Gregory XV placed him in the number of saints at the same time with St. Ignatius, St. Francis Xavier, St. Teresa, and St. Philip Neri.
Medioláni Invéntio sanctórum Mártyrum Nazárii et Celsi, in qua beátus Ambrósius Epíscopus corpus sancti Nazárii recénti adhuc sánguine conspérsum réperit, atque ad Basílicam Apostolórum tránstulit, una cum córpore beáti Celsi púeri, quem idem ipse Nazárius nutríerat, et Anolínus, in Nerónis persecutióne, simul cum eo feríri gládio jússerat quinto Kaléndas Augústi; quo die festívitas gloriósi eórum martyrii celebrátur. At Milan, the finding of the bodies of the holy martyrs Nazarius and Celsus.  The blessed bishop Ambrose found the body of St. Nazarius covered with blood still fresh, and transferred it to the Basilica of the Apostles, together with the body of the blessed Celsus, a youth whom Nazarius had taken care of, and whom Anolinus, in the persecution of Nero, had ordered to be slain with the sword on the 28th of July, on which day their martyrdom is commemorated.
Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum.
R.  Deo grátias.
And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
  Thanks be to God.


May X.
St. Antoninus, Archbishop of Florence, Confessor
SS. Gordian and Epimachus, Martyrs
St. Isidore, Patron of Madrid, Labourer
St. Comgall, Abbot in Ireland
St. Cataldus, Bishop of Tarentum, in Italy

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