Sexto Idus Septémbris. Luna


Sexto Idus Septémbris. Luna . The Eighth Day of September.  The Night of the Moon.

Natívitas beatíssimæ semper Vírginis Genitrícis Dei Maríæ.
The Nativity of the most Blessed and ever Virgin Mary, Mother of God.

Sancti Hadriáni Mártyris; cujus dies natális quarto Nonas Mártii recensétur, sed festívitas hac die, qua sacrum ejus corpus Romam translátum fuit, potíssime celebrátur.
St. Hadrian, martyr, whose birthday is on the 4th of March.  His feast, however, is observed today, the day on which his holy body was translated to Rome.

Valéntiæ, in Hispánia Tarraconénsi, natális sancti Thomæ a Villa Nova, ex Eremitárum sancti Augustíni Ordine, Epíscopi et Confessóris, insígnis propter flagrántem in páuperes caritátem; qui ab Alexándro Papa Séptimo in Sanctórum númerum adscríptus est.  Ipsíus autem festum décimo Kaléndas Octóbris celebrátur.
At Valencia in Spain, the birthday of St. Thomas of Villanova, bishop and confessor, of the order of the Hermits of St. Augustine, distinguished by his ardent love for the poor.  He was inscribed among the saints by Pope Alexander VII, and his festival is observed on the 22nd of this month.

Alexandríæ sanctórum Mártyrum Ammónis, Theóphili, Neotérii et aliórum vigínti duórum.
At Alexandria, the holy martyrs Ammon, Theophilus, Neoterius, and twenty-two others.

Antiochíæ sanctórum Timóthei et Fausti Mártyrum.
At Antioch, the Saints Timothy and Faustus, martyrs.
Gazæ, in Palæstína, sanctórum Mártyrum fratrum Eusébii, Néstabi et Zenónis; qui, témpore Juliáni Apóstatæ, irruénte in eos turba Gentílium, discérpti atque necáti sunt.
At Gaza in Palestine, in the time of Julian the Apostate, the holy martyrs Eusebius, Nestabus, and Zeno, brothers, who were torn to pieces by a multitude of pagans that rushed upon them.
Ibídem sancti Néstoris Mártyris, qui sub eódem Juliáno, ab iísdem Gentílibus furéntibus sævíssime cruciátus, emísit spíritum.
In the same place, and under the same Julian, St. Nestor, martyr, who breathed his last after being most cruelly tortured by the same furious heathen.

Romæ sancti Sérgii Primi, Papæ et Confessóris.
At Rome, St. Sergius I, pope and confessor.

Frisíngæ sancti Corbiniáni, qui fuit primus ejúsdem civitátis Epíscopus.  Hic, a sancto Gregório Secúndo Pontífice ordinátus et ad prædicándum Evangélium missus, úberes fructus in Gállia et Germánia rétulit, ac demum, virtútibus et miráculis clarus, in pace quiévit.
At Freisingen, St. Corbinian, first bishop of that city.  Being consecrated by Pope Gregory II and sent to preach the Gospel, he reaped abundant fruits in France and Germany, and finally rested in peace, renowned for virtues and miracles.

Carthágine nova, in Ameríca meridionáli, sancti Petri Claver, Sacerdótis e Societáte Jesu et Confessóris; qui mira sui abnegatióne et exímia caritáte Nigrítis in servitútem abdúctis, annos ámplius quadragínta, óperam impéndens, tercénta fere eórum míllia Christo sua ipse manu regenerávit; et a Leóne Décimo tértio, Pontífice Máximo, in Sanctórum númerum relátus est, ad dein étiam cæléstis Patrónus peculiáris sacrárum ad Nigrítas Missiónum constitútus et declarátus.
In New Carthage in South America, St. Peter Claver, priest of the Society of Jesus and confessor.  He devoted more than forty years with wonderful mortification and exceeding charity to the service of the Negroes who had been enslaved, and with his own hand baptized in Christ almost three hundred thousand of them.  Pope Leo XIII added him to the list of the saints, and then declared him to be the special heavenly patron of all missions for the Negroes.

Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum.
R.  Deo grátias.
And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R.  Thanks be to God.

September VIII.
The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin
St. Adrian, Martyr
St. Sidronius, Martyr
SS. Eusebius, Nestablus, Zeno, and Nestor, Martyrs
St. Corbinian, Bishop of Frisingen, Confessor
St. Disen, or Disibode, of Ireland, Bishop and Confessor
The Festival of the Holy Name of the Virgin Mary

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Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East – providing humanitarian relief in Iraq through St George’s Church and Clinic.

Voice of the Persecuted – Informing the world of Christian persecution, one of the worst humanitarian crises on the planet, today.

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