Séptimo Idus Maji. Luna.


Séptimo Idus Maji. Luna . The Ninth Day of May. The Night of the Moon.

Naziánzi, in Cappadócia, natális beáti Gregórii Epíscopi, Confessóris et Ecclésiæ Doctóris, ob singulárem divinárum rerum doctrínam cognoménto Theólogi; qui collápsam Constantinópoli cathólicam fidem, ipsíus urbis Episcopátum gerens, restítuit, hæresésque insurgéntes compréssit. At Nazianzum, the birthday of St. Gregory, bishop, confessor, and doctor of the Church, surnamed the Theologian because of his remarkable knowledge of divinity.  At Constantinople, he restored the Catholic faith which was fast waning, and repressed the rising heresies.
Romæ sancti Hermæ, cujus Apóstolus Paulus in Epístola ad Romános méminit.  Ipse autem Hermas, digne semetípsum sacríficans acceptabilísque Deo hóstia factus, virtútibus clarus cæléstia regna petívit. At Rome, St. Hermas, mentioned by the apostle St. Paul in the Epistle to the Romans.  Generously sacrificing himself, he became an offering acceptable to God, and outstanding for his virtues he took his departure for the heavenly kingdom.
Cállii, via Flamínia, pássio sancti Geróntii, Epíscopi Ficoclénsis. At Cagli, on the Flaminian Way, the passion of St. Gerontius, bishop of Cervia.
In Pérside sanctórum Mártyrum trecentórum et decem. In Persia, three hundred and ten holy martyrs.
In Ægypto sancti Pachómii Abbátis, qui plúrima eréxit in ea regióne monasteria, et régulam Monachórum scripsit, quam ab Angelo dictánte didícerat. In Egypt, the abbot St. Pachomius, who founded many monasteries in that country, and wrote a rule for monks which he had learned from the dictation of an angel.
In castro Vindecíno, in Gállia, deposítio sancti Beáti Confessóris. In the town of Windisch in France, the death of St. Beatus, confessor.
Bonóniæ beáti Nicolái Albergáti, Mónachi Carthusiáni, ejúsdem civitátis Epíscopi et sanctæ Románæ Ecclésiæ Cardinális, sanctitáte et Apostólicis Legatiónibus clari; cujus corpus Floréntiæ, apud Carthusiános, cónditum est. At Bologna, blessed Nicholas Albergati, a Carthusian monk, bishop of that city, and cardinal of the Holy Roman Church, celebrated for his sanctity and for his work as an apostolic legate.  His body was buried at Florence in the monastery of the Carthusians.
St. Andrews Cathedral, Amalfi
Constantinópoli Translátio sanctórum Andréæ Apóstoli, et Lucæ Evangelístæ de Achája; et Timóthei, uníus ex discípulis beáti Pauli Apóstoli, ab Epheso.  Corpus autem sancti Andréæ, longo post témpore Amálphim devéctum, ibi pio fidélium concúrsu honorátur; ex cujus sepúlcro liquor ad languóres curándos júgiter manat. At Constantinople, the translation of the apostle St. Andrew and the evangelist St. Luke, out of Achaia, and of Timothy, disciple of the blessed apostle Paul, from Ephesus.  The body of St. Andrew, long after, was conveyed to Amalfi, where it is honoured by the pious gatherings of the faithful.  From his tomb there continually flows a liquid which heals diseases.
St. Mary of the Manger, Rome
Romæ item Translátio sancti Hierónymi Presbyteri, Confessóris et Ecclésiæ Doctóris, ex Béthlehem Judæ ad Basílicam sanctæ Maríæ ad Præsépe. At Rome, also, the translation of St. Jerome, priest, confessor, and doctor of the Church.  His body was taken from Bethlehem of Judea to the basilica of St. Mary of the Manger.
Basilica of St. Nicholas of Bari
Bárii quoque, in Apúlia, Translátio sancti Nicolái, Epíscopi et Confessóris, ex Myra, civitáte Lyciæ. At Bari in Apulia, the translation also of St. Nicholas, bishop and confessor, from Myra, a city of Lycia.
Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum.
R.  Deo grátias.
And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
  Thanks be to God.


May IX.
St. Gregory Nazianzen, Bishop and Confessor, Doctor of the Church
St. Hermas
St. Nicholas, Bishop of Lincopen, in Sweden, Confessor
St. Brynoth I., Bishop of Scara, in Sweden, Confessor


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