Tértio Nonas Septémbris. Luna


Tértio Nonas Septémbris. Luna . The Third Day of September. The Night of the Moon.

Sancti Pii Papæ Décimi, cujus natális dies tertiodécimo Kaléndas Septémbris recensétur.
Pope St. Pius X, whose birthday is mentioned on the 20th of August.

Corínthi natális sanctæ Phœbes, cujus méminit beátus Apóstolus Paulus ad Romános scribens.
At Corinth the birthday of St. Phoebe, mentioned by the blessed apostle Paul in his Epistle to the Romans.

Cápuæ sanctórum Mártyrum Aristǽi Epíscopi, et Antoníni púeri.
At Capua, the holy martyrs Aristaeus, bishop, and Antoninus, a young boy.

Eódem die natális sanctórum Mártyrum Aigúlfi, Abbátis Lirinénsis, et Sociórum ipsíus Monachórum, qui, linguis præcísis oculísque effóssis, gládio obtruncáti sunt.
Also, the birthday of the holy martyrs Aigulphus, abbot of Lerins, and the monks, his companions, who, after their tongues were cut off and their eyes plucked out, were killed with the sword.
Item sanctórum Mártyrum Zenónis et Charitónis; quorum alter in lebétem liquáti plumbi conjéctus est, alter in ignis fornácem immíssus.
Also, the holy martyrs Zeno and Chariton.  The one was cast into a cauldron of melted lead, the other into a burning furnace.

Córdubæ, in Hispánia, sancti Sándali Mártyris.
At Cordova in Spain, St. Sandal the martyr.

Aquiléjæ sanctárum Vírginum et Mártyrum Euphémiæ, Dorótheæ, Theclæ et Erásmæ, quæ, sub Neróne Imperatóre et Sebásto Præside, post multa supplícia, gládio cæsæ sunt, et a sancto Hermágora sepúltæ.
At Aquileia, the holy virgins and martyrs Euphemia, Dorothy, Thecla, and Erasma.  Under Nero, after enduring many torments, they were slain with the sword and buried by St. Hermagoras.

Nicomedíæ pássio sanctæ Basilíssæ, Vírginis et Mártyris; quæ, annos novem nata, cum in persecutióne Diocletiáni Imperatóris, sub Alexándro Præside, vérbera, ignes ac béstias divína virtúte superásset, ipsum Præsidem ad Christi fidem convértit, ac tandem extra urbem in oratióne spíritum Deo réddidit.
At Nicomedia, the passion of St. Basilissa, virgin and martyr, in the persecution of Diocletian, under the governor Alexander.  At the age of nine years, after having, through the power of God, overcome scourging, fire, and the beasts—by which she converted the governor to the faith of Christ—she at length gave up her soul to God while at prayer outside the city.

Tulli, in Gállia, sancti Mansuéti, Epíscopi et Confessóris.
At Toul in France, St. Mansuetus, bishop and confessor.

Medioláni deposítio sancti Auxáni Epíscopi.
At Milan, the death of St. Auxanus, bishop.

Eódem die sancti Simeónis Stylítæ junióris.
The same day, St. Simon Stylites the Younger.

Romæ Translátio sanctæ Serápiæ, Vírginis et Mártyris; quæ passa est quarto Kaléndas Augústi.
At Rome, the translation of St. Serapia, virgin and martyr, who suffered on the 29th of July.

Item Romæ Ordinátio incomparábilis viri sancti Gregórii Magni in Summum Pontíficem; qui, onus illud subíre coáctus, e sublimióri throno clarióribus sanctitátis rádiis in Orbe refúlsit.
Also at Rome, the raising to the Sovereign Pontificate of St. Gregory the Great.  This incomparable man, being forced to take that burden upon himself, sent forth from the exalted throne brighter rays of sanctity upon the world.

Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum.
R.  Deo grátias.
And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R.  Thanks be to God.

September III.
St. Simeon Stylites, the Younger
St. Remaclus, Bishop of Maestricht, Confessor
St. Mansuet, Bishop
St. Macnisius, Bishop

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Open Doors – The world’s largest outreach to persecuted Christians in the most high-risk places.

Voice of the Persecuted – Informing the world of Christian persecution, one of the worst humanitarian crises on the planet, today.

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