Kaléndis Júnii. Luna.


Kaléndis Júnii. Luna . The First Day of June. The Night of the Moon.

Sanctæ Angelæ Meríci Vírginis, ex tértio Ordine sancti Francísci; quæ fuit Institútrix Societátis Vírginum sanctæ Ursulæ, et ad accipiéndam corónam immarcescíbilem, sexto Kaléndas Februárii a cælésti Sponso vocáta est. St. Angela Merici, virgin of the Third Order of St. Francis.  She was the foundress of the Nuns of St. Ursula, and was called by her heavenly Spouse on the 27th of January in order to receive an incorruptible crown.
Romæ sancti Juvéntii Mártyris. At Rome, St. Juventius, martyr.
Augustodúni sanctórum Reveriáni Epíscopi, et Pauli Presbyteri, cum áliis decem, qui, sub Aureliáno Príncipe, martyrio coronáti sunt. At Autun, the Saints Reverian, bishop, and Paul, a priest, along with ten others, who were crowned with martyrdom under Emperor Aurelian.
Cæsaréæ, in Palæstína, beáti Pámphili, Presbyteri et Mártyris, viri admirándæ sanctitátis et doctrínæ, atque in páuperes munífici; qui, ob Christi fidem, in persecutióne Galérii Maximiáni, primum, sub Urbáno Præside, cruciátus et in cárcerem trusus, deínde, sub Firmiliáno, íterum revocátus ad pœnas, una cum áliis martyrium consummávit.  Passi sunt étiam tunc Valens Diáconus, et Paulus, aliíque novem; quorum memória áliis diébus celebrátur. At Caesarea in Palestine, blessed Pamphilus, priest and martyr, a man of remarkable sanctity and learning, and great charity to the poor.  In the persecution of Galerius Maximian, he was tortured for the faith of Christ, under Governor Urbanus, and thrown into prison.  Later he was again subjected to torments under Firmilian, and he completed his martyrdom with others.  At the same time, there suffered Valens, a deacon, and Paul, and nine others, whose commemoration occurs on other days.
In Cappadócia sancti Thespésii Mártyris, qui, sub Alexándro Imperatóre et Simplício Præfécto, post ália torménta, decollátus est. In Cappadocia, in the time of Emperor Alexander and the prefect Simplicius, the holy martyr Thespesius, who, after undergoing many torments, was beheaded.
In Ægypto sanctórum Mártyrum Ischyriónis, ductóris mílitum, et aliórum quinque mílitum; qui, sub Diocletiáno Imperatóre, pro fide Christi, divérso mortis génere perémpti sunt. In Egypt, under Emperor Diocletian, the holy martyrs Ischyrion, a military officer, and five other soldiers, who were put to death in various ways for the faith of Christ.
Item sancti Firmi Mártyris, qui, in persecutióne Maximiáni, acerbíssimis plagis afféctus, lapídibus percússus, ac demum cápite cæsus est. Also, St. Firmus, martyr, who was scourged most severely, struck with stones, and finally beheaded during the persecution of Maximian.
Perúsiæ sanctórum Mártyrum Felíni et Gratiniáni mílitum, qui, sub Décio, váriis torméntis cruciáti, martyrii palmam gloriósa morte percepérunt. At Perugia, the holy martyrs Felinus and Gratinian, soldiers under Decius, who were tortured in several ways, and by a glorious death won the palm of martyrdom.
Bonóniæ sancti Próculi Mártyris, qui sub Maximiáno Imperatóre passus est. At Bologna, St. Proculus, martyr, who suffered under Emperor Maximian.
Amériæ, in Umbria, sancti Secúndi Mártyris, qui, sub Diocletiáno, in Tíberim projéctus, martyrium consummávit. At Amelia in Umbria, in the reign of Diocletian, St. Secundus, martyr, who fulfilled his martyrdom when thrown into the Tiber.
Apud Tiférnum, in Umbria, sancti Crescentiáni, mílitis Románi, qui sub eódem Imperatóre, martyrio coronátus est. At Tiferno in Umbria, St. Crescentian, a Roman soldier, crowned with martyrdom under the same emperor.
In monastério Lirinénsi, in Gállia, sancti Caprásii Abbátis. In the monastery of Lerins, the abbot St. Caprasius.
In monastério Onniénsi, apud Burgos, in Hispánia, sancti Enecónis, Abbátis Benedictíni, ob sanctitátis et miraculórum glóriam illústris. At Burgos in Spain, in the monastery of Onia, St. Eneco, Benedictine abbot, made illustrious by his sanctity and miracles.
Apud Montem Falcum, in Umbria, sancti Fortunáti Presbyteri, virtútibus et miráculis clari. At Montefalco in Umbria, St. Fortunatus, a priest renowned for his virtues and his miracles.
Tréviris sancti Simeónis Mónachi, qui a Benedícto Papa Nono in Sanctórum númerum relátus est. At Treves, St. Simeon, a monk, whom Pope Benedict IX numbered among the saints.
Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum.
R.  Deo grátias.
And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
  Thanks be to God.



June I.
St. Justin, the Philosopher, Martyr
St. Pamphilus, Priest and Martyr
St. Caprais, Abbot
St. Peter of Pisa
St. Wistan, Prince of Mercia, Martyr

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