Prídie Idus Septémbris. Luna.


Prídie Idus Septémbris. Luna . The Twelfth Day of September. The Night of the Moon.

Festum sanctíssimi Nóminis beátæ Maríæ, quod Innocéntius Undécimus, Póntifex Máximus, ob insígnem victóriam de Turcis, ipsíus Vírginis præsídio, Vindobónæ in Austria reportátam, celebrári jussit.
The feast of the most holy Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary, celebrated by order of the Sovereign Pontiff, Innocent XI, on account of the signal victory gained over the Turks at Vienna in Austria through her protection.

In Bithynia sancti Autónomi, Epíscopi et Mártyris; qui ex Itália, Diocletiáni Imperatóris persecutiónem declínans, illuc proféctus, ibi, cum plúrimos convertísset ad fidem, a furéntibus Gentílibus, dum sacra Mystéria perágeret, ad altáre mactátus est, et hóstia Christi efféctus.
In Bithynia, St. Autonomus, bishop and martyr, who went to that country from Italy to avoid the persecution of Diocletian.  After he had converted many to the faith, he was killed at the altar by the furious heathen while celebrating the sacred mysteries, and thus he became a victim for Christ.

Icónii, in Lycaónia, sancti Curónoti Epíscopi, qui sub Perénnio Præside, cápite truncátus, martyrii palmam accépit.
At Iconium in Lycaonia, the holy bishop Curonotus, who received the crown of martyrdom by being beheaded under the governor Perennius.

Alexandríæ natális sanctórum Mártyrum Hierónidis, Leóntii, Serapiónis, Selésii, Valeriáni et Stratónis, qui, sub Maximíno Imperatóre, ob confessiónem nóminis Christi, in mare sunt demérsi.
At Alexandria, in the time of Emperor Maximinus, the birthday of the holy martyrs Hieronides, Leontius, Serapion, Selesius, Valerian, and Strato, who were drowned in the sea for the confession of the name of Christ.

Meri, in Phrygia, pássio sanctórum Mártyrum Macedónii, Theodúli et Tatiáni, qui, sub Juliáno Apóstata, ab Almáchio Præside, post ália torménta, super crates férreas ignítas pósiti, exsultántes martyrium complevérunt.
At Merum in Phrygia, the holy martyrs Macedonius, Theodulus, and Tatian, under Julian the Apostate.  After other torments, they joyfully completed their martyrdom by being laid on burning gridirons by order of the governor Almachius.

Apud Papíam sancti Juvéntii Epíscopi, de quo ágitur sexto Idus Februárii.  Ipse, a beáto Hermágora, discípulo sancti Marci Evangelístæ, ad eam urbem, una cum sancto Syro, cujus memória recólitur quinto Idus Decémbris, diréctus est; et ambo, prædicántes illic Christi Evangélium et magnis virtútibus ac miráculis coruscántes, étiam vicínas urbes divínis opéribus illustrárunt, sicque in pontificáli honóre, glorióso fine, quievérunt in pace.
At Pavia, St. Juventius, bishop, mentioned on the 8th of February.  The blessed Hermagoras, disciple of the evangelist St. Mark, sent him to that city along with St. Cyrus, who is mentioned on the 9th of December.  They both preached the Gospel of Christ there, and being renowned for great virtues and miracles, enlightened the neighbouring cities by divine works.  They closed their glorious careers in peace, invested with the episcopal office.

Lugdúni, in Gállia, deposítio sancti Sacerdótis Epíscopi.
At Lyons in France, the death of St. Sacerdos, bishop.

Verónæ sancti Silvíni Epíscopi.
At Verona, St. Silvinus, bishop.

Anderláci, prope Bruxéllas, in Brabántia, sancti Guidónis Confessóris.
At Anderlecht, near Brussels in Belgium, St. Guy, confessor.

Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum.
R.  Deo grátias.
And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R.  Thanks be to God.

September XII.
St. Eanswide, Virgin and Abbess
St. Guy, Confessor
St. Albeus, Bishop and Confessor in Ireland

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